Data storage and NFC

So I have been reading a bit about energy harvesting for nfc circuits. I’ve seen some examples of powering various sensors that send data back through nfc (temp, ph, etc) and one that allows for power to external ic chips. My question is, would it be difficult to power a circuit that reads/writes data for a micro sd card or a similar storage medium? Are there any obvious limitations? It would be a very appealing implant to me if it is possible.

I’m not going to be able to give you specifics, but basically not enough juice available. There has been (at least one) attempt(s) to run an implanted storage device, but powered with a QI charger for phones.

Will look for a reference for ya.


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There’s a community project on the discord called the bodybytes that is a wifi accessible storage implant that is very similar to this idea, but the power source is Qi charging instead of NFC. We’re making some headway