Rasp PI / Arduino /Esp32 interfaced to Proxmark3 to make it as a standalone unit

Hi any try to make the Proxmark3 i to a standalone unit without using a pc

The options that look viable are

  1. PI interfaced with Proxmark3
  2. BT interfaced Proxmark3 to android mobile
  3. Arduino interfaced Proxmark3
  4. esp32 interfaced Proxmark3 ( might be underpowered)

Option 1 and 2 I hope somebody might have tried, 3 and 4 would require quite some bit of Linux forking and custom coding.

Any hints would be great start, lugging the Proxmark3 with laptop is cumbersome and leaves a lot to be desired to attempt a standalone Proxmark3.

I do remember somewhere on github that a microcontroller based standalone was tried but don’t recall it now.

My first thing is to interface a BT module to the current Proxmark3 to make it a bit more mobile


Here’s an example

Can be cable also.

RFID Tools

Walrus (wouldn’t let me share link)


Not able to check RFID tools in play store.
Let me study the pi interface. Thanks Pilgrimaster for your pointers towards it.


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Walrus is available in the Nethunter App Store :wink: