Raspberry pi proxmark install

Has any one else had problems getting the proxmark software compiled and installed on a Rpi I have tried a zero a 3 and a 4 and all three if I can get it to compile with out errors when I sudo make install it does not move the required files to there respective directories and so pm3 proxmark3 or ./pm3 all don’t work.

What am I missing I follow the directions exactly still no love. I have gotten it on my laptop and desktop just not with rpi

Probably not bother with install? Make clean && make all will get you a working client. Also if you install it, then updating becomes a pain in the ass… otherwise you can just git pull and make all to update, then flash all to push firmware.

I have had no issues getting it to compile on a raspberry pi. I have built a raspberry pi image with all of the tools on it, and even the source code. Proxmark3 Easy and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

My next step is to get the compiled code onto the image.