Replace a next with xem+Spark2 ... Any thoughts?

Hello y’all,

I have a wandering next in r0 that occasionally cause some discomfort in my wrist … Tried everything to coral it without success … I’ve known for a while that it will have to be removed eventually :pensive:

But it’s the implant I used the most!
It open my house and start my daily driver, it also unlock my computer.
So I need a T5577 and a HF with fixed UID (I have other implants for mifare emulation)


  • fit the requirements of T5577 fixed HF UID
  • I already have them on hand
  • I want to check the Spark Action, seams interesting


  • no more ntag, I have my business card on there but rarely use it, and Spark Action can do it … Kinda …

I’ve been thinking about soon™ next v2 / blinky … But not sure when that’s gonna happen and the spark seams very interesting :grin:

What y’all think?
Did I miss anything?

As a side note, how do flex hold up in 0 position with all the flexing?


I’m also holding out for a nextv2 blinky. I’m considering the xled just to have my own field detector in my hand but I’d prefer there be a chip inside.

Which would bring me to a new idea. Why not a dual frequency implant with two LEDs of different colors to detect LF and HF?

I’d love one, it would go right next to my Xmagic … But a single frequency blinky would have the similar function.

We need to petition @amal he doesn’t have enough projects :yum:

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I made a poll a while back with the 2in1 T5577 + Spark2 as an option

We did get the xMagic

I have also dropped that suggestion a few times,

We did get the xMagic, so keep pushing Amal

Amal is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you’ll get

:blinky_blue: :blinky_green:


Yeah, everything he makes will end up inside of you sooner or later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: