Representation of Implants in Media

True that :smile:

If she “submits herself graciously”, just tell her to give you some space :wink:

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I think you possibly aren’t the most impartial person on this subject :wink:

You might be right :wink:
And of course, I’m just kidding - true submission is only possible if it’s by choice, and not because society forces you to.

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92% of people agree with this.

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Is it me or they are showing us in a bad light?

Sure, idiots exist but what they were showing was a bit extreme. Provided I didn’t watch the whole episode but I dislike watching something I’m passionate about being portrayed as something that only irresponsible teenagers would do… Especially when it’s possible to do it safely and if you hang out anywhere near this community, you will get a lot of safety advice.

to me they show 1 guy, his mum and 2 docs in a bad light


“He started hanging out with these idiot biohackers”

Sounds pretty accurate to me. :wink:

To me it shows four bad actors

As its based off a Korean medical drama, I wonder if they also used the same story line :thinking:
Apparently, there is a Japanese, Turkish and Hong Kong version of the TV show also…

to stay on topic
series: The good doctor, season 5 episode 13 “Growing pains”
is about a 17 year old implanting himself with magnets and blinkie.

let’s revive this thread because I think I’m going to start picking these apart as part of a youtube video series!


That sounds like a great idea… and then we can drop links to the videos when we see myths being regurgitated… more dt views and easy correction


Don’t forget about the antirejection medication myth from Deus Ex Human Revolution. I’ve been asked a once or twice if implants require you to take something to keep them from rejecting, as portrayed in that particular game.

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Wtf we’re not implanting pig hearts over here


Can we?

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new product the xPigHeart

it comes in one of those dissolvable capsules, you implant it and it unfolds into a new heart :smiley:


Now announcing xpigfart… it comes in one of those dissolvable capsules, you “implant” it and it unfolds into a new fart.


You are about 8 days late for the ideal release date of the DangerousThings xPIGFART implant. Perhaps next year?


I’m going flex next, so imma need me at least a -6g needle to
Implant me on of em there flexFarts.

I think we strayed off topic and are becoming that which they believe us to be lol