Resonant Repeater Stickers

I’ve introduced so much ambiguity by not making two threads for this. I thought we could handle it

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Did you want to try again?
Call this a Thoughts thread and make a new one called production?
or something else?

let me know if I can help :+1:

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I revel in the chaos




There are two projects here… The single coil resonator, which we can call a repeater if you like… and then the other project is a patch antenna with two coils connected together. The pickup coil to interface with the reader would be large and fairly standard shape, and the specialized coil which, if we want to design for x-series, would probably be a cylindrical coil. These two coils would be connected in some way either with simple traces or with a ribbon cable or some sort of coaxial cable as some patch antennas are. We can call this a patch antenna project.

After some DMs from people who wanted to specifically see this project get some love, I have created this… thoughts? Is this an acceptable way to push forward research and manage donations for specific research projects?


It’s a great way to manage that yeah. Having it all done on the DT site is always a nice thing.

I threw a bit of money towards the project. I’d love to see it come to fruition!


How cool! Seems like a cool project and I’ll likely throw my wallet towards it lol. I’m personally much more of a fan of the crowdfunding model, but I think its good you’re trying different things!
What is the possibility of setting up a charitable organization for the furthering of cybernetic implant research. I have no experience on the laws surrounding those, but I really want to make my employer match a donation to you lmao!


This is a great way to both gauge interest and get research funding toward a particular idea. I would keep only a few of them running at a time, or have a minimum level at which you will start/continue work on a project (explicitly stated). That way people know that once you get $100 you will spend half a day working on it (or whatever)…

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It’s kinda a pain actually haha but I like the idea :slight_smile:

Good ideas and yes we are just trying this out starting with this one project…but things to consider for the future…

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the Custom Services page doesn’t look quite right… I think in all the kerfuffle everything that used to be there is gone

Forgot to post about this. Recently I was doing some testing with a CoM chip I melted out of my debit card, and was able to get it to read well with a poorly tuned repeater coil.

Based on the mutual resonance testing I’ve been doing, I designed and ordered a CoM conversion board.

It’s 9.5mm x 32mm, so it won’t be able to be installed with the flex needle. I’ll be testing this out with a CoM board, but it will also inform me about the resonant stickers (you could consider this v0 of the repeater sticker)


Why does one side have to be up?

For the resonant repeater stickers that won’t be necessary. For the CoM conversion one side of the CoM chip has the contact interface pins, which should be facing down towards the interior of your body for best performance.


I received the CoMmuter payment conversion boards and they performed very well. After some testing with 56pF and 32pF tuning caps I ordered some more precise ones that should get it into the ideal range, then I’ll test it out with my debit card at some shops. I’ll also be trying it out as a standalone resonant repeater for my other implants to reshape the field.

Unfortunately (but totally reasonably) Amal won’t be supporting turnkey conversions of suspected CoM payment cards when I get this working. Once my conversion is complete and we have the workflow down, I’ll lay out what steps someone would need to take to get a conversion. Likely they’ll have to investigate and melt the card down themselves to verify that it is in fact a CoM, and then send it to Amal and pay normal flex conversion rates. We’ll see.


@Eriequiet I was able to get some good reads even on those pesky Verifone MX readers. Took my legitimate Debit card which expires beginning of 2027 and converted it. Gonna send it to @amal for encapsulation tomorrow.


Weird, I don’t think I ever got the tsg notification for this thread… this looks interesting

Any updates?

As you may have noticed from the lack of an Apex launch, we’ve been rather busy. Amal has my CoM conversion, but he hasn’t encapsulated it yet. The non-implantable repeater stickers haven’t been a priority item at the moment, but they are on the docket

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I get it, I’m not rushing you

Sorry if I’m annoying asking for updates, I’m just always hopeful there’s been significant progress or something after a period of time, and it’s just fallen through the cracks or too busy to post about it

I’m just trying to stay in the loop, it’s all very exciting seeing things progress, so I’m just trying to get my fix