Review of Dangerous Things

thoroughly enjoyable group of nutters…but … buying your products from Australia is impossible a US$15 NFC ring costs US$56 for shipping ? ??? can afford your gear, but can’t afford your shipping, so i will remain your friend and haunt the meanders of your forums…


Buy lots of implants and qualify for free shipping :sweat_smile::shushing_face::thinking:

let me guess… you are not a customer service manager… :man_facepalming:

I give 5 stars!

I remember when I got my first implant, the installer was thrilled it was from DT, because of how well everything is packaged, and the fact handy tools needed for the procedure are always included.

Not to mention, anytime I’ve had a question about anything; this forum, or DT customer service, has been readily available.



yeah some things are just out of our hands… sending a small package via USPS into the Australian postal service typically results in a lost package or an extremely delayed one (usually months)… which is the same for many countries… so we choose to go with DHL for international shipping. This means for small low margin stuff like a $15 ring, we have to charge the full pass-through amount we get charged for shipping… which in certain cases is pretty insanely high. Australia happens to be one of those places. Shipping to Finland is also very expensive, but mostly because most of the country is considered “extremely remote” and we get dinged another fee on top of shipping… I think the most expensive fee we’ve seen for normal shipping into a foreign country was $95USD… so sometimes our free shipping policy ends up losing us money in those situations… but we are trying.


I feel guilty now…

Does DHL offer a discount if they leave out last mile delivery? Like if the package arrives at the nearest big city’s distribution center and the recipient is invited to come collect it. I go get packages like that from other shippers all the time: it’s only an hour’s ride by bicycle for me (which I don’t mind) and it’s tons less expensive than having the truck deliver to my door.

If they do, you’re welcome to use the option for my next shipments.


Don’t forget to do the poll in the top post (if you haven’t already)

you’ve more than covered the under friendo :slight_smile:

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Hey Amal…(this is like talking directly to Odin), i know where the costs come from and completely understand who is overcharging for the service… If i knew a Giant Viking Warrior i would send him after those miscreants… they are throttling trading far worse than any tariffs does… bad for your guys and bad for us poor little Cyborg Wannabes…

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I mean… I thought we covered this. Lol!


Here goes,

I am constantly surprised and seriously impressed with the fact that DT and all the people surrounding it are coming up with ideas and then actually making them, testing them and bringing them to us to experiment, enjoy and participate in the further development of.

This community and it’s intersection of tech/humanity is super awesome and such a positive example of what’s possible with technology and a bit of open-mindedness.

Even if I’m not plotting which implants to try next in future this community will always stick in my mind as an example of what is possible, in spite of the over-commercialised, cold and sometimes pretty awful space which a lot of new technology ‘products’ are born into/out of.

Hopefully this isn’t too much of a ramble! Keep it up @amal et al. :clap:t2:


I was being discreet…

I’m just excited that I might actually have an excuse to go to Australia!

hahahahah happy to be your excuse Mr Giant :slight_smile:

A quick little snippet or two

I think it cost me $88 AUD to ship from Australia to the USA, one small box.

The Australian postal service isn’t too bad, remarkably, but it does take a month or two to get foreign items in. I would guess it’s the high volume of Chinese products. I received last month an item I ordered in April 2020, turns out it got misdirected to Malaysia (from the faded blue stamp on it).

just another example



Yet again

Positively surprised with the order quickly and efficiently. When the customs broker was having problems with the contents, Amal called and explained the details. Fast delivery to Poland. I haven’t seen such customer support in a long time. I will be coming back for more implants that make everyday life easier :smiley: However, despite free shipping, domestic customs costs were almost half the value of the package. It would be cheaper to order and send as a private person as a gift