RFID Drawer lock antenna extension

Barely worth the post, But I thought I should share just incase it helps somebody

The typical cheap RFID drawer / cabinet lock, as pictured below


Sometimes you may want to run the antenna remotely, especially if you’re trying to get a read through a thick surface

I should have taken a photo BEFORE I modded it, but I didn’t, but here’s an open and modified view

Tool list
Small phillips screw driver
Side cutters / wire strippers
Soldering iron / solder
Heat shrink / electrical tape
Winning attitude

Here’s a labelled image

Remove batteries ( 4 x AA )
Open up case ( 4 screws )
Take care of the metal bar and cogs, it tends to move when the cover is removed
Remove PCB / Antenna ( 1 screw )
Unplug wiring
Desolder 2 motor wires ( take note of colours to ensure correct motor direction )
Solder RED Wire extensions on to Positive battery terminal
Solder Black Wire extensions on to Negative battery terminal
Solder 2 x Motor wires extensions on as per note / photo
Slip heat shrink over wires
Solder the correct colour extensions to the originals
Shrink heat shrink
There is a natural path for the wires to feed through
Place the cover back on with the 4 screws
Place batteries back in and test operation

Job done
Step back and admire your work


Or. You could do one of those antenna focusing tank circuits and put it over it. I’ve done that with the IKEA lock with success

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Great idea, I ruled that out because i was trying to go through Aluminium for that project :thinking: It MIGHT work for and iso card, but I highly doubt it for an implant.

Still a very good suggestion for other uses though.

@turbo2ltr’s night stand spring to mind