RFID Nightstand

So I was searching for new nightstands and I mean walmart wasn’t my first choice of where to shop for night stands. I prefer less MDF and more real metal and wood. I was looking for a certain height and aesthetic. I was just about to give up and order much more expensive Copenhagen night stands, but then I saw these and had to order two just to see what I get. Says they are returnable to the store so figured why not.


It would appear the RFID is powered by AC so I’m hoping the field is always on and strong enough to read x-series.

I’ll report here when I get them in 2 weeks.



Indeed, link worked for me.

So far as the nightstand, I don’t see it working for me as unlocking it allows the top to pivot up and I would invariably have something on it making it too much a hassle. Glad to see ‘something’ out there at least.


That’s a very good point I didn’t think of. I have table lamps that go on the stands. lol. doh.

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Funny how all the pictures that aren’t “wide open” have various items stacked on top of it.

It looks like the RFID lock mechanism is just attached to the bottom of the lid. Maybe you could move it to the drawer?


Pretty cool and good spotting.

looking at the lock, it looks like a Rothult or more likely a chinese knock off, of which I have many.

Your nightstand


And the Chinese lock

In my experience, they work with Flexies, with contact on the surface, and you may get a very occasional read on an xSeries.

However going through ~15mm mdf, I would rate you chances pretty low.

The thing you have in your favour, is the fact it is mains powered, rather than my experience with battery power.

The antenna likely mounted to the underside of the lid and may be extended.

You could of course recess it into the wood by routing it out to wafer thin.


For you sake, I hope I am wrong

Good luck, Iook forward to your findings


I opened one of mine up so you can see what to (possibly) expect

You can see the antenna that is mounted to and sits under the lid


Thanks. Does this unit have wifi or Bluetooth connectivity? That L-shaped trace on the component side of the board sure looks like an antenna.

Good spotting chap. :+1:

That particular one DOES have Bluetooth.
its a TTL Lock, so uses the same app as the Door lock I tested

Other ones of the “Rothult” style that I have do not have bluetooth or WiFi

Effin walmart and their pathetically useless customer service.

So I get a delivery today. A single box. I’m like maybe the driver didn’t realize there were 2 boxes. Nope, looked up the tracking number and it’s only one box.
Call “customer support” and despite her insisting that the box could come up until 8pm, and even if it does not come, I have to wait 48 hours before I can call back and tell them the box still isn’t here so I can get a refund, she could not provide a tracking number for the second shipment.
Any logical argument I made about the obvious scenario was met with the same deadpan tone telling me that’s not an option she has. Irks me when companies don’t let their agents use their brain to take care of problems.

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It annoys me to no end as well, but I’ve had packages from Amazon b marked as “delivered” on one day and not actually show up until the next day. No idea how or why.

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked into the insane policies of Amazon delivery… It’s even working its way into UPS and FedEx. Basically there are cameras everywhere that watch everything you do and you’re not giving any way to even take a shit. FedEx and UPS drivers will often ask to use bathrooms at commercial locations there delivering to but honestly I knew a FedEx driver who kept a bucket in their truck.

I’m 100% certain that your packages are marked as delivered because the driver is marking them that way while driving their truck near your location but they don’t actually have time or rather they’re not given enough time to perform their actual delivery duties and so they mark their critical packages as delivered but don’t actually drop them off until the next day when maybe they’re load is different or they were able to anticipate their route timings better… or maybe they just operate in a perpetual state of catching up. Who knows but I know that it’s because the driver is marking the package that way.


I second that. I worked at UPS for a bit, and I’ve been to quite a few Amazon facilities and talked to a few of their drivers and that’s pretty much it. Gotta hit that quota to keep your job lol
Which gets increasingly difficult when Amazon decides their safety policies aren’t enough and make a new rule saying you must use a body harness and fall protection system when you’re 4’ up even though the fall protection system lets you drop 6’ before it starts to absorb your fall for another 3’ XD
I wonder if Amazon hired former TSA policy makers for their facilities. Every location has different policies and most of them make no sense, but they yell at you for nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sooo, as expected, this this isn’t worth it’s weight in saw dust.

Check out these tolerances.

Comes with the reader and some RGB LEDs. Both have USB for power. I guess you are supposed to use the only two USB slots they give you…the ones on the side that are supposed to be used for charging your phone.

As @Pilgrimsmaster called it, the read distance on x series is about 3mm. Never going to get a read through the MDF. Oddly the instructions seem to indicate to put batteries in the unit AND plug it in which seems odd. They do not provide batteries.

I thought maybe I could just interface a xAC to the existing lock, but then I’m reminded about how bad the rest of this thing is. Well really it’s just the drawer and the lack of power though the latter could be corrected easy enough. The drawer front that is so obviously out of square is not so easy to fix, and of course it’s the most obvious part of the thing other than maybe the top surface.

I wonder if walmart will take it back partially assembled.


That sucks :frowning:
Thanks for trying it out, was going to buy one if you had good results.
Fingers crossed for a return!

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When I try to leave a review on Walmart… whatever that means.

Oh shit customer service tagged your account as a troublemaker so you can’t comment or review!

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I know “some” of the “Rothults” can have an external battery pack for ? longevity? and and emergecy power to prevent lock out.

I guess, the plug in suggestion is the equivilent purpose of that

Probably has a hurt feeling filter, and didnt like you writing a negative comment.


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Hahah, I took the word “dumb” out and changed it to a 5 start to test and it still denied me. I even have the “send me review reminders” option checked in my account. Maybe I just need to wait for that email. lol