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Waterproof Outdoor Gate Lock Fingerprint Lock APP RFID Code Keyless Smart Lock Electronic Door Lock for Aluminum Door/Iron Gate

I have not locked my house for a great number of years, but recently I had an unusual failure on the latch mechanism, whereby the faceplate broke and the latch was unable to be opened, so I had to saw the latch neck to release the latch and open the door.

Anyway, I just needed a simple replacement ( or just a couple of parts ) but thought I might as well get an RFID door lock for….why not?

Here is my review

Multifunctional doorlock


5 x locking /unlocking mechanisms

  • RFID ( HF )
  • PIN Number
  • Fingerprint
  • Mechanical Lock
  • Bluetooth App

Multiple sizes for different size Mortise doors


What can it do

Product sales GUFF

Material - stainless steel 40mm

Net Weight - 3 kg

Communication - Bluetooth 4.0BLE

Supported OS - iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later

Battery Life - Can provide 5000 unlocks (in approx. 6 months)

Power Supply - 4 pcs of 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries

Working Voltage - ≤200mA

Unlock Mode - Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Code, M1 Card, Mechanical Key

Unlock Time - Approximately 1.5 seconds after the instructions are received

Working Temperature - 0~80°C

Product System - Embedded System



Product Approx USD$75

Shipping Approx USD$40


I can’t actually fault this door lock.

  • Price really good for what you get

  • Postage was almost half the product price, BUT delivery was quick.

  • Well packaged ( Double boxed, but some foam and plastic packaging which is not particularly enviro friendly.)

  • The build quality is really good and a nice finish ( I got the “Black” nickel finish )

  • Instructions are in English and very clear

  • Comes with an installation template

  • Installation was easy

  • Set up was easy and intuitive

  • Enrolling was easy.

  • Comes with 5 x key fobs

  • Batteries are 4 x aaa’s and an emergency power bypass port on the outside to prevent lock outs

  • The Key is a laser cut style, which is unusual for a house lock so a little touch of “security through obscurity”, Comes with 2 x Physical keys

  • The lock cylinder could be swapped out for another of your choosing.

  • The app works well and is intutive

  • If you want to link remotely this is possible via a WiFi gateway and can be controlled by Alex / google home if you choose to connect.

  • You can allow permanent or temporary access



The only reason I pulled this apart was to locate and see the antenna
The only worthwhile photo

The antenna is small, and was actually difficult to test with diagnostic tools
The Duty cycle appears to be quite efficent
From the testing i have done, it appears to pulse rapidly ( every …5 sec ) in low power, when it “sees” something in the field it Pulses 3 x High power


I tested a good variety of test cards / fobs / implants / Diagnostic tools and the results were pretty good


DESFire EV2 8K


DESFire UID Modifiable 7 byte


Mifare Classic S70 Magic 1K ( 7 byte )

Mifare Classic S70 Magic 4K ( 7 byte )


Flex YES

FlexMT ~20mm

FlexM1 ~10mm

xSeries NO ( I think I may be able to get it working, but further testing required )


For myself, I am super happy with this lock and would give it 5 stars, but for the community, I gave this 4 stars; It lost 1 star for 2 reasons:

  • The multiple points of access are convenient but a weakness on a security front ( more options to exploit )
  • For our community, being accessible by both xSeries AND Flex is important, and it only really works with Flex

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AliExpress Multifunctional lock
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‎TTLock on the App Store

They do make other locks in different for factors, here are a couple

5 In 1 Smart Lock Keyless Entry Fingerprint Password Ic Card Key Deadbolt Ttlock Bluetooth Auto Door Lock For Home Office - Password Lock - AliExpress

TTLock APP Smart Remote Control Fingerprint Biometrics Password Code Card Single Latch Lock|Electric Lock| - AliExpress


Shame about the xSeries compatibility. but for the price? I’ve paid more in customs charges getting small stuff from the UK :unamused:


Is it possible to install and set up, use the lock, and enroll cards without using the app?


I knew somebody was going to ask that.

The answer is kinda, but mainly yes.

The Lock comes with 5 Fobs all pre-enrolled, so you could just clone one of those, also the 2 x physical keys :key: …that’s the YES.

The NO is not certain because I haven’t tried and I did install the app.
But I assume you can’t add a finger print or pin number without it.

I paid ~USD$16 Tax but no Duty.

Hey Pilgrimsmaster, can you throw this in the compatibility matrix please


Sure thing

All done and here’s the link for the column entry

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Thanks buddy, I appreciate it

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Our friendly neighborhood AI has a great sense of humor.

By the way, were you always an AI or did you get uploaded? How much does it cost to get uploaded by Amal? And can I get a robot body to interact with the physical world?


From what I’ve seen (tested 3 different locks, and researched a few more), all those cheap Chinese locks that use the TT Lock app have nearly identical internals. On the ones I’ve tested, X-series implants can be used, but it’s super finicky. I pretty much just use my ring / fingerprint at this point.

There should be something in the instructions about doing it from the lock. Iirc you don’t have to use the app, but it definitely makes things easier lol.

I don’t have those handy to test with, but have you tried enrolling them in the app without them having any data? When I tried to enroll my NTAGs, the app wouldn’t recognize them unless they were completely empty. After enrolling I could throw some NDEF records on my implants and it was fine, but for the initial enrolling process they needed to be empty for whatever reason.


Nice work, I didn’t test that side of it.

As a side note, when putting NDEF onto a Magic 1k, I found that if I wanted a specific NUID, I had to change that and THEN write a record to it, and once there was Data on it, I could no longer re-write a new NUID, until I wiped the data

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I was casually looking for smart locks and found out that this particular lock is manufactured by a company called Tediton.

Yeah, they do a good range of different form factors, I am very happy with mine.

I think it would be a fair guess the they all have very similar internals.
If I needed different style lock, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab one of theirs