Samsung SHS-D500 compatibility

So if I bought 2 x SAMSUNG SHS-D500’s which run on HF (I believe) I can use my implant to unlock both as it reads the ID and doesn’t write anything to it? - I’m a new to it all so just educating myself a little.

I am not sure if anybody has tested the D500 yet, Samsung went and changed something around the 3321 era.
Older ones worked, newer ones didnt, but there is a hack for these.

@TamablePumpkin did some fantastic work

The D500 I don’t know what you will get.

  • Might not work
  • Might work
  • Might work with hack

Have a quick search and readup on the 3321 here on the forum, so you can have a plan on what to try if you order them.

If you get them, you may be our guniea pig, so if you get stuck just ask, If you / we can help you get them working, we can add that to the Matrix

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I didn’t realise there was compatibility issues in their newer models!, that sucks. I’m actually getting my first implant next week so I’ll shop around for some door locks, however it looks like the Samsung ones listed for xNT aren’t available here in the UK :frowning:

They may or may not work. There are known issues with some other locks by Samsung.

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What’s the best alternative? I’m from the UK and the only 3 on Amazon are the SHS-D500, SHS-2920 and SHS-1321.

Doesn’t have to be Samsung but they are the ones I was looking at to buy in future.

I forget, but have we tried reaching out to Samsung directly?

I know I know, they won’t care about us… but can’t hurt right?

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Personally I am happy with a TownSteel e-genius 5000 but that may not be an option for you.

What features are you looking for? Keys? Pin code? NFC? Wifi? Bluetooth? Deadbolt, latch or both? What format would fit your door?

If there is a key hole what sort of security would you want from that?

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Well, I’m moving out in the next 6 months so don’t exactly know sizes / requirements yet but I just wanted something similar to the Samsung SHS series, so either fob or pin code. Don’t want any keys or handles.

So a deadbolt only with RFID or NFC and keypad.

(Traditional deadbolts have a key hole on the outside and either a key hole or a thumb turn on the inside)

It looks like McLear sold a deadbolt with those features in the UK. But they are currently sold out. These appear to be a Samsung SHS-1321 (or a clone of it) which brings us back to the firmware issue.

Yeah definitely looks like a clone of it haha, wonder if it is the same firmware as the samsung? cause it looks like their NFC rings work with it.

I’m basically stuck at a dead end for now.

There are instructions for reverting the firmware on the SHS-1321 if that is an option for you.

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Is there? That definitely is an option. Could you link me to it please?

Edit : found it!, I’ll look into it.

My mistake that is the SHS-3321 (see post 2 in this thread) if you can get an older firmware then the SHS-1321 should be capable of the same trick. Failing that a magic chip would work.

There are many other brands such as Narpult that might work for you but I have no experience of them.

Yeah think I might get a magic chip, the firmware rollback is slightly out of my depth :grimacing: and can’t find an alternative :frowning:

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the firmware rollback is not that hard to be honest. it does cost a bit more as you’ll need the pickkit and a 12$ kit of connectors, but its not a difficult process and we can help you.

check out this thread. its not that bad