Samsung SHS-H620 - NFC Door Lock

hey all
while waiting for my DT account being unlocked, I went and got this product a HF digital lock. This comes w/ a few Classic 1K ISO 14443-3A tags. I will get this installed on one of my doors this weekend. While I realize my xDF2 does not have emulation capabilities to emulate Classic 1K, I wonder if I could program the lock to accept my xDF2 as an addon card. I did not find much material online to whether the lock has capabilities to read and program non-classic 1K cards
Anyone has any suggestions or ideas ?

thanks everyone

I looked around for the manual (because if the manual says it’s compatible with a million types of chips, it’s usually a UID-only lock) but I couldn’t find it. As far as I can tell, the product has been discontinued.

Also, I don’t mean to scare you, but quite a few sites I visited said the product isn’t terribly reliable.

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thanks @Rosco for the insight. In my research I did not see good or bad feedback; Perhaps I should look more. I still can take this back to Amazon in time and get my $$$ back. There are some newer models, but, the ones I looked at did not have the interior facing hand-levers - I thought it was crazy.

also, wanted to add; few of the other models were LF mode.

How did your testing go with this.
A return or a keeper?


I finally got it installed last night, it was an ordeal to get that in my home-2-garage access metal door. Still experimenting, and seems to work fine. Thus far a keeper. The tags that it came with are classic 1k and the printed manual says it supports ISO 14443-A. Bummed that it could not read my df-ev2 cards or implant. Will continue to keep updated on my findings.

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hi everyone - quick update on the door lock after week+ of use. It has been working very well thus far and have not noticed any issues. I have one gripe though, the lock system is quite loud and the metal door that it’s on, accentuates the loudness I think. Minus that heavy loud noise, I actually like it. I wish it could read my xDF2 (the unit uses UID to AuthN and upto 20 cards/end-points).

anyways, thought I’d share as an update to those who might be looking into this product.


thanks for that, I’ll update our living spreadsheet and link that lock to this thread :+1: