Scanning a pet with a Proxmark3

I don’t know if anyone has had success scanning their pet with a Proxmark3. I tried one of our dogs, and can find nothing, but then for all I know her chip is buried too deep these days (she eats well).

Has anyone succeeded in doing this (with the stock antenna?)

I am tempted to make a pair of ferrite core antennae, one tuned to 125KHz and the other to 134KHz, and see if that works any better.

pet chips are extremely hard to find for one… that’s the primary difficulty and reason behind animal scanners having ridiculously large coil antennas.

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Do you have a PM3 Easy or RDV4?

RDV4 has a 134 kHz option

including their long range ones

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Easy… But I would think a ferrite core antenna could be tuned by adding or removing turns to make it work better for 134KHz

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I’m sure you have already seen this, but for others who may have not, a great guide for making your own


For me, I at the time used my diy antenna (which is just terrible, highly recommend the one sold on dangerous things for the pm3 rdv4). But also, in my case, I could feel the chip, lined it up with my antenna and then could read it. No chance of just randomly scanning it with this antenna design.