Sealed quartz glass tube

I made a 14 mmm long 3 mm dia tube from hollow quartz tube. The bottom sealed great. I pit in my item and added argon gas and sealed the top. The tube is sealed but upon closer inspection I found the top has small depressions in it. They are smooth and no sharp edges. Can I implant this in my hand. I do not want to start over if I do not have to.

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Photos would help. The depressions are likely from cooling gas inside pulling in the cooling but still plastic glass.

Do you have a microscope? Can you take photos through the eyepiece?

I really hqve no way of getting close ups. I can check around and see if anyone does.

Ok that’s fair… maybe even macro mode with a phone cam or a max zoom could work if you have some way to mount or stabilize your phone so it’s not shaky… that might be enough?

In short, flame sealing glass tube is possible but usually doesn’t result in the best outcome. Still, it does not mean it’s not ok to implant… it’s just not as good as a quality laser seal.

here is a close up.

Are you sure the quartz is fully glass encapsulated? If so, then possibly this could be ok… but honestly it’s impossible to tell without proper testing.

I used a gem microscope and it looks like it is fully sealed. What tests could I perform in home just to be sure.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaning bath. Check for moisture inside the glass after.


May I ask what’s the purpose of this quartz glass tube ? What is it used for ?

I’ve got $100 on crystal energy healing type stuff.


Maybe he’s a spy and it’s filled with cyanide. Break glass if you get caught by the enemy.

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I don’t think quartz is lethal :slight_smile:

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I’ll double that bet. There’s chakra aligning going on here

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Well for right now it is a project In the works. If all turns out well I will be able to share it in a few months.
As for a poison great idea. Only one question. Why cyanide. If I I am going to kill myself I will have something a wole lot more lethal. Anatoxin -A. Osmium tetroxide. :grin::skull_and_crossbones:


All of those betting for new age, you lose. This is so far away from that. Not even close.

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Quartz … generating energy somehow? LIke some way to power internally stuff inside the body?

Please tell me it involves lasers…


My brain runs wild with this one :rofl: