Searching for titan installers

It’s now official that shipping is planned to begin next week and I can’t be the only one that doesn’t already have an installer lined up.

So if anyone else needs help finding an installer willing to implant a titan, these posts can be consolidated here.

My situation is that I am located near Rochester new york and I was going to go with one of the partnered red pins just across the border. The problem with that is that the border is still closed and it’s not planned to open again till spring. So I looked around and the next closest red pin on the map would be a 5+ hour drive one way. That’s possible but definitely not ideal.

I have a couple of other options but none are ideal and I’m trying to look at all of my options before committing to such a drive.

The question is, does anyone know of any installers that may be willing to do a titan in upstate NY?


everything in on serious lockdown here in Ontario and I’m thinking it’s going to be a while before I can find someone to install this thing… :expressionless:

Same here - Germany is studio-wise in a complete lockdown. I’ve got a great installer who’s willing to do that, but it will take some time until he’s actually able to.

UK is in a complete lockdown for now… but I had already reached out to all DT’s UK pins, before that.

Out of all DT’s official partners in UK… either they don’t work anymore, or they stated they would not perform such an implant.

I think only 2 places would still very do only xSeries installs here.

So… probably I’ll be able to test how well can I perform that procedure with only one hand! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Did you try jenova

Jenova Rain?

I only reached out directly to the partners listed on DT’s site (mostly out of curiosity).

I’ve heard second hand that Jenova Rain is also not doing flex instals anymore. But their site still has prices for flex work… :woman_shrugging:

I plan on doing my Titan install myself. it’s a routine enough procedure for me, even not being the traditional shape.
Unless the size puts me off.

I’ve had my Titans for awhile now, but still not installed them. Has anybody gotten anywhere with Pineapple in Texas? I know some people had talked to him, but didn’t know if it ever went anywhere.

Also, I just noticed that when I write titan or Titan, it auto links to the DT store page for, well, Titans.
Somebody has been playing with the forums bits and pieces, methinks.

Titan Titan Titan. This is fun.


Any product does it, it was a bit of a titanic endeavour though…

(If it has been fixed that won’t be linked…)

Haha, damn you @Zwack … I am still working on it.
My problem children are:
xAC (exact)
NExT (now NExT implant) which is still an issue when somebody types
" my next implant will be…"
And Titan, with Titanic, Antitank, and titanium

I wouldn’t expect people to mention Antitank on the forum too often.

There is an issue with the Regular Expressions (Regex) settings on Discourse and I’m waiting for an upgrade/update to fix it

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I don’t mean to exacerbate your issues. I know you just want to move on to the software you will next implant on the website.

To avoid skin cancer you should always wear sunscreen, that antitan stuff.


(Looks like XAC has been turned off)

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So we’ve decided then…
The Titan is a titanic piece of titanium similar to antitank armor?

Ok. Seriously. Pineapple?

Pineapple installed my Titan, though I would give a warning: he was very apprehensive of doing a fingertip install with it since it is so thick. At first, he thought I wanted it in the fingertip and I think he was gearing up to say no before I clarified that I wanted it in the base of the finger instead of the fingertip and then he agreed to it.

Can you clarify what you mean by base of the finger?

Specifically, I got my Titan on the outside of the first phalanx of my left hand ring finger.

The red dot here is approximately where my titan is:

Honestly, I’ve not been too happy with this placement, but there’s a few things that could be extenuating factors on it, and I haven’t done as much testing as I could to try and figure it out in the long run.


Can you tell more about your thoughts on that placement? I am curious to hear your thoughts

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Since someone mentioned NY, are there any installers there that can help with a xG3?

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Looks like the link is down.

There is a project happening in the background to update the partners map but it is not ready yet…

KSEC also have some mapping, but their closest is in Chicago

Also, @Satur9 is in that neck of the woods (Philly) and may have a contact for you