Second Chip Suggestions

Hey all,

I have the NExT implant in my P5 (blade of my left hand).

For the most part it works well. I mostly forget I have it TBH. And my own phone case is too thick for it to work.

But in terms of actual functionality, it is basically a party trick to open up my Linktree.

I honestly thought I would have more luck enrolling it for security systems, or for common fobs like gyms or hotels. But I can’t get anything else to work on it (that I already use in the real world anyway).

So have been pondering my second chip…

I definitely need the more advanced Mifare protocol.

  1. Should I get and xM1? Or an xMagic (do I need another RFIC though)? I see there is now a flexUG4 too. But it’s 28mm long?! Any thing else I am missing?

  2. Not sure I can cop anything with a scalpel. The NExT was my first body mod (no tattoos either). How much worse are the larger injectables than the NExT?

  3. And where would I get it installed (noting I already have the L5).



The ug4 and the apex flex are probably your best bet. The flex will have slightly better range and will add a ton of new functionality.

I personally have a flex secure (more open apex flex) in my forearm close to my wrist.

I’ll probably put my ug4 in p3.


Have you seen the MFGC and RSP projects?

The xMagic is an excellent all-in-one chip for enrolling in many existing systems, but it’s still an x-series so it would perform similarly to your NExT in terms of ease of reading. The FlexUG4 would probably be what I was considering if I was in your shoes

I have heard that they’re a very similar experience

That is an excellent question, do you know what sort of systems you would want to be able to enroll your chip in? Do you know if they’re LF or HF? Do they work with your NExT, or do you need something with a better read range?


I have a NExT in the same spot. I think part of the issue, there’s a lot of fatty tissue there also, which depending on how deep it’s implanted can be hard to read. xMagic in P0 pretty much right up against the bone of my thumb (swelling caused it to move and I didn’t notice right away because of bandaging). Skin is thinner there, and it reads much easier then the NExT.

Also have ApexFlex in P2 left.
Going to have a FlexUG4 put in P1 right hand, and FlexEM put in somewhere… probably P1-ish left hand.

The FlexUG4 is a beast of a unit, able to do lots of things.

There’s no such thing as an “extra” RFID, if/when you start playing around with home automation, or door locks or something fancy, you’ll have uses for it. OR you’ll find uses for it.

I’d say go for the xMagic if you’re not sure. The FlexUG4 uses a fairly big sharp stick to make a hole, but it’s still not as bad as a scalpel. It partly depends on where it’s going. My Apex Flex (same size as the FlexUG4) hurt less than the xMagic did.


That doesn’t do any Mifare though does it? The other stuff looks cool though!

Any particular reason? Is that a good spot for tapping fobs?


I found the stickers by accident before! Definitely will be investing in some of those for my phone case.

Yeah, I’m leaning to something radically different to this one!

Yeah basically nothing existing works with my NeXT LF currently. I might do a separate post outlining everything I use and their chips to clarify.


True, but as per above post, I don’t have a use for my current one, yet alone a second one!

Haha, now I’m scared…


It’s not scary at all. Install video. A small amount of blood.


Nope, the Apex Flex is pretty unique in that its more of a security device. It can be used as a U2F/FIDO device. Basically you can use a USB rfid reader to scan the Apex in addition to/instead of a password for your major tech accounts (google, microsoft, ect.)

I believe that it would be pretty easy to tap the back of your hand to a door mounted rfid reader and then open it in a fairly fluid motion, but I don’t have any confirmation on that.


Also, I found the flex install to be, well not fun. It stung and burned for the duration of the procedure, but it only took 30 seconds or so. After that it felt pretty fine. It was manageable and I’ve bought another flex implant already so it didn’t turn me off from more :grin:



Dude, I am deathly afraid of needles, to the point where I was shaking like a leaf during a blood draw at the Dr office.

I currently have 5 implants (1 Flex size, 4 x series) and am going in on Wed for a scalpel install for another one.

Just don’t look at it, play loud music and sing along like your crazy, you’ll be fine. It’s like a 10 second sharp pain, and a dull throb for a while. Couple minutes and it’s all over.

I had more pain on the ~3.5hour drive home (from Denver to Aspen) because of constant multiple thousand-foot altitude changes and massive swelling at the implant areas. Cold packs can help a lot with that.


Yeah I gotta say this is great advice. I just sat down in the chair, held out my arm, said where I wanted it, and then covered my face with my other arm until my installer said it was over. I don’t want to see any of that happening :sweat_smile:


Make a post with your scalpel experience! Would love to hear about it. I’d like a flexEM but the install is definitely turning me off. I’m also not sure where I’d put it


I’m not going to have any idea what’s going on… Same as you “Yeah, just stick it right about there” and close my eyes till its over :rofl:

But this time, I’ll have a cold press, handfull of Ibuprofen and a flask of Bourbon hid in the truck for afterwards.

It’s weird, I grew up in the middle of nowhere Northern MN, can shoot/gut my own deer and game birds etc. But I hate spiders, woodticks, needles, and don’t want to see my own blood or insides.

If they let me drink beforehand, I’d totally watch and/or record it. But I don’t wanna see it sober.


Haha good luck! A shot or two in the parking lot couldn’t hurt :laughing:


Don’t wanna thin the blood. It could also make the vasovagal response slightly worse


With the Apex in P1, there may be more ISH than actual P1.
There MIGHT NOT be much space left for the FlexEM. Maybe throw a similar sized coin there for placement



Tons of great advice here already. My only addition is to suggest getting the DT Card Pack for $24, then using the cards to experiment with the access control systems you have around you.

The pack doesn’t include a card with the Magic gen4 chip, but it includes three of the most common NFC chips that the gen4 can emulate. See if you can either program or enroll the cards in any of the access systems you interact with and then decide on which chip to get.

You can also get a card with the P71 chip (the same chip in the Apex Flex and FlexSecure) from Alibaba for $12 + $25 shipping (I’ll have some extras soon and might be able to mail you one at cost if you are in the US). The you can install the applets that seem interesting and try it out.


So much great advice in here. My cart is overflowing with additional products!

Just to confirm which implant I should get…

My work fob is Mifare+ with a 14 digit number (it’s iPassan/FDi for anyone familiar with that system).

Assume the flexUG4 can do that?

If I can cop the bigger needle, no point getting an xMagic or xM1 over the flexUG4 then?

And any other recommendations on position for a flexUG4?

I’d be inclined to get P5 again but in my right hand. I don’t really want something “visible” on the back of my hand.

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I heard it was a bad idea to put Flex’s in the knife edge (P5) because slightly greater chance of if bending and causing issues.

Hopefully somebody comes along with better info for that.