Seeking installers between Washington DC and Richmond VA

I’m not planning to have anything installed soon. I just want to get a feel for who I want to see, how far I’d have to go, maybe bounce some ideas off of them first.

I definitely would like something that blinks, and the NExT looks useful. However a few of the other interesting implants and Value bundles appear to be out of stock. Will there be more available in the coming months or are there newer technologies coming out soon to replace the out of stock offerings?

Looking through the forums, I saw cool experiments with LEDS + glow in the dark inks, I take it those aren’t for sale yet, or if ever?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity.

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Welcome on the DT forum.

Glow in the dark ink is not yet ready for prime time. There are however implants with LED inside, like the XSIID.

Nite there are glow in the dark silicon implants, like Steve Haworth’s.

As for installers, I suggest you check this map to see who’s the closest to the you :
Or this one : Professional Installation Partners - Dangerous Things

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I checked the maps, but Virginia is a dead zone. I’d have to drive pretty far, and out of state to either North Carolina or Delaware. I’m wondering if VA has some kind of laws or restrictions on this kind of mod? They do it to pets, so why can’t I have it done? I would think it falls in line with body piercing.

Maybe I can find someone closer to home through the underground biohacking network.

How do you like your magnet?

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Have you seen


Yes, very informative with a great strategy. I’m going to ask around and visit some local shops to guage their interest in person. In fact, a local shop owner lives a few houses down from my in-laws. I’m sure I can find someone in town.


If you have success, please come back here and share their info so others can use them!


Hey fellow Virginianite! I’m also looking for an installer. My bodymod artist is in WV (Charlotte) but only in country a couple times a year. If you find someone let me know, and ill do the same for you!!



Came across these forums from a customer!

I’m a body piercer located in Leesburg Va!

Performing an install on Wednesday and would be open to doing more in the future! The process is very similar to dermal/surface piercing procedures I do on a daily basis!

You can find me on IG @dominionbodypiercing

Looking forward to helping anyone looking to get theirs installed!

Dominion Body Piercing
7A N King St
Leesburg va


No laws against implants. It’s sort of a gray area. Not all piercers are capable of doing it just due to skill or openness to such a rad thing!

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Thanks! I’ll reach out when I have my kit!!

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Hey there, I believe I’m still on the map in Ft Lauderdale but have since relocated to Maryland to open and work the Studio by Painful Pleasures for ab 4-5 yrs. I’ll be back in Baltimore soon where I’ll be available for appointments if you’d like…
-I started piercing in 1992
-Met Amal at his first APP conference in Las Vegas where he expo’d the first NFC tags to the piercers there. What Year was that Amal?


Maybe around the xNT indigogo campaign in 2014???

That very well could be, the years of going to vegas for conference becomes diff to say which year what happened. But is xNT in me so I’d put 5 on it.

I’ve actually left my shop in Leesburg and will be down in Fredericksburg!

Please shoot me a message via IG if you’re wanting to get an implant done!


So far I’ve done 6 and I think they’re rad! Keep em coming


He buddy, no problem advertising your piercing shop/ business here.

It’ll make it easy for people to find you.
Also, not everybody has instagram

Add as much detail as possible.
Shop Name:
Phone number:
Social media:

We’ll also add you to a couple of community maps if your happy.

What sort of installs would you be happy with, and what locations?

Have you sern the range of implants available?

are the glass capsules of varying, but similar sizes.

Bio Magnets
2 different form factors here

  • xSeries called xG3

  • TiTAN chamfered cylinder

a coulple of variants in this

  • The smaller “wafers”
    ~28mm x ~7.5mm

~38mm x ~8mm

  • The larger FlexDisc
    30mm diameter

For further info on implants

for further info on install locations

Some further info on implanting techniques ( you probably don’t need them, but there may be some little nuggets in there

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

How to approach a professional DT Info


I’m able to install the pill chips and flex.

Not able due to current health codes do the magnet installs.

If it can be done with a needle/plunger needle I can do it in according to Virginia health law!

Please shoot me a message on IG or an email and we can arrange days I’m available to get em taken care of!

Thanks again


Do you happen to have a link to the installer list?

I’d like to promote doing more installs.

Currently have an apprentice under me at the shop and would love the chance to show her how to properly do installs on injectable and the flat wafer chips!

Appreciate ya!

Heres 4 -


Community Biohacking Map 2 -

Thank you!!

How can i go about being added to the DT map?

:speaking_head: @amal

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