Self implanted questions

I am wondering is the placement of my implant is okay. It not parallel with my index finger bone. It’s doesn’t make contact with any bone it’s just annoying because for it to work well I have to make a fist, this could just be from the swelling but I’m no where near a expert. I don’t mind the placement of it I just don’t want any complications later on down the line

Movement is ok. As long as it doesn’t hurt/bother you it should be ok.

Yes, most likely is.

This is a pic of my NExT Implant

The red arrow is the direction of entry…and blue is how it currently sits.

If it bothers you, or annoys you, with how it sits, you can try to move it and use toothpicks as splints to force it to stay in a certain place.

Don’t know how long it’s been since install, but it will read better after a week or two post-install. Even if it doesn’t look swollen there are a lot of extra fluids saturating the area to facilitate the healing process.

It’s been 24 hours. Thank you for the response, this is all new to me so it’s nice to have people give personal experience

When it’s done healing I’ll definitely try that. I was just more worried that it sat horizontal that it would have issues with colliding with my bones. I just had X-rays done tho and it’s far away from bones so I can rest assured it’s good. Not many people who have them orientated like that so I just go nervous. Thank you for the response