Self-Implanting flex chips

I’m not implying that I intend to, but I am curious to see if anybody has/has attempted to self install a flex chip. Obviously the procedure is a lot more complex than installing one of the x series chips, so its apparent you should get a professional to do it, but just for the sake of curiosity, has anybody successfully done it themselves?


I’ve been debating doing one on myself, but the prospect of doing sutures one handed just doesn’t seem safe or advisable. Plus it would seriously diminish the available locations to put the implant to be able to reach everything well enough, and basically completely rules out doing it on your dominate side.

I too would be incredibly curious to hear if anyone has pulled off a self install of a flex though.

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I did 1 and a half times, with a little bit of help from a nurse friend (1st time) and my wife (1.5 time) to hold my skin.

The original installation was performed with the scalpel + elevator technique:

  • made a sterile camp, shaved/cleaned/disinfected the area
  • my friend pinched my skin with her fingers, elevating it just like you would do for a piercing
  • I made the incision with the scalpel, opened it enough to insert the elevator
  • I put down the scalpel, inserted the elevator and used it to create a pocket deep enough for the chip (assorted cursing happened here, as the onre hand operation put me in a less than optimal position.
  • I finally used the elevator as a guide to insert the flex one, removed the tool and stitched (with some help from my friend: I wish I could stitch myself one handed in a decent way :slight_smile: )

Using a big needle would probably be easier, but I did not have any big gauge needle at home, so…

Roughly 1 month after installation, I had a minor climbing accident where I took a good hit in the implant zone; after a couple days I had the feeling the pocket was compromised and one the ends of the chip was pushing against my skin instead of resting parallel to it.
Instead of waiting for the chip to reject, I decided to try and fix it, so I made an incision where I felt the chip was pushing, paying attention not to cut the chip envelope.
I could see the chip envelope was not damaged, so I inserted the elevator under it, carved a new pocket, a little deeper the original one and drove the chip to the end of the new pocket.
Then stiched and taped for a few days to help the chip settle in its new location.

Funny evenings :slight_smile:


I have also installed two flex implants. One on myself and one on someone else. Both went very well! I have minimal medical training as a trauma one EMT. So along with my basic understanding of where all the nerves and blood vessels are located, I was also able to watch a flex implant installation prior to any of my own installations. You can hurt yourself really bad if you’re not 100% sure! These flex implants require more than just sticking a needle under the skin as you will find! I do not suggest in anyway that the average person perform any installations, whether or not they’re a flex or just a needle procedure. Cleanliness is next to godliness!


This is my 3rd flexNT installation. As you can see in the photo, my middle finger has a small scab where I used a 4 gauge needle to make the pocket just on top of my finger between the the joints. It is about 2 weeks old, still slightly swollen. But considering how hard I am on my hands with my work I am very happy with the progress. It has functioned properly from day one.

I just noticed after uploading the photo…if you look closely toward the base of the little finger you can see a little cylindrical bump where there is another of my DT implants!


Nice work. It’s great that these fit just about anywhere.
Did you use the 4g needle way or scalpel and elevator?

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I was curious also, Although it is not a self install, have you seen this thread? and in it the videos uploaded by @thomas-reich
with a flex needle install? gives you a good idea of what to expect


Thanks for the link, can’t say that i had seen that but it seems like it would definitely be feasible, in theory. Now i just wait for the vivokey flex to be released, and maybe I’ll have to give it a shot

4 gauge needle method

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Any video or photos of the install you’re willing to share?

I wish I did as I wouldbehappy to share! I never seem to be able to find more then one person willing to assist in the implant process so it leaves no one to hold my phone to get video or pictures.


SOLVED :wink:


If only the arm piece we’re shorter so you could bop it with your nose to start or stop recording!

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