Shipment to turkey

why don’t you send products to turkey

Not sure of the reason but the website does confirm this,

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Probably because the Turkish customs hate implants, panic over needles, or require a medical certificate of some sort?

That’s not Dangerous Things choice, There would be no point sending items if they get seized at the border.

Your best bet is next time you travel to another country, order to there and try to get installed before returning home.

Are there any countries that you plan on visiting in the near future? if so we can probably help to find you an installer.

What implants are you looking at getting? Flex or xSeries?

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I was able to once proxy a order to turkey.

It was ordered to my address and I forwarded it to turkey. It worked out this time but there is the risk involved that it gets lost/destroyed. DT won’t cover the loss in that case since their job is only to deliver it to the first address.

If that still sounds like a good option to you feel free to send me a private message.

The proxying would happen from Germany. It would get shipped as private parcel from me to you.

Last time I covered all the writing that stated dangerous things and removed the invoice. That could be the reason that it went through.

The EU has some import fees which you would need to cover in addition to the shipping price from Germany to turkey.

Turkish customs opened the package the last time but it went through.

But if you can leave the country and then just receive it your self its probably the best option.


I can have it shipped to Italy. Is there any problem in entering the airport while coming to Turkey from italy?

Or if I ship from Italy to Turkey, would it be a problem at the borders?

I think the only way to find that out is reading import laws/papers from the airline.

With the post… I think it highly depends on the people that control your parcel and how you label it.

If it would be mine I would just send them by mail, remove all the dangerous things logos and invoices and them write something smart at the declaration of goods.

Something like

Goods for pets - animal tag.


Ntag 216 glass capsule electronic chip for pet use incl. Access controller

Then find out what the tax free import limit is and write the overall value as something lower then that.

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We are actively working with a company in Turkey to set up product import and distribution.

Currently Turkish customs considers the device a medical device and will not allow it into the country, but we are working to get special permission.


how long do we have to wait

Is there any problem in entering the airport while coming to Turkey from italy?

Can they take the chip to the plane inside or in the trunk of the plane?

Unfortunately I have no idea… but usually air travel makes concessions for “personal medical devices” and I’ve had no problems flying with our products in my carry-on and in my checked baggage. I cannot guarantee success though.

So it isn’t clear what product your looking at… but depending on what it is…
And assuming your having a profession install it (recommended)

A few basic ideas

A much more over the top solution could be to order the implant without any needle or materials…
And take just the chip to your professional
I believe this is how Japan stuff works due to needle laws

If it’s not a flex or a magnet, you could also receive a standard kit when abroad, eject the chip from the injector assembly, into something like a small vial filled with alcohol… and take it back that way
(Can’t object to what they can’t recognize)
And then have your local professional autoclave it
(No magnets no flex)

My suggestion, If already planning a trip abroad… ship it to your hotel (tell them to expect a package) and get it installed while abroad… it’s not a big deal… just try to find a piercer ahead of time, or follow the official advice to find someone (don’t just call)

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Can I contact this company

Hey buddy

@mrln has offered to facilitate this before to help you Turkeys out :wink:
Here is his post

Im sure if you ask him nicely he will help you out.
@mrln is a trusted community member
He also has the @Pilgrimsmaster #GOODCUNT Award


Yeah, feel free to pm me.

But if u can then order on ksec or digiwell because it saves me some work xD

I’m just proxying and re packing the parcel. Customs could still stop the parcel but I think it will go through (worked last time flawless)