Shipping Delay/NExT Question

I was just wondering if it is all products that are shipping late, or just the ones with a NExT?

I have been pouring over this forum and I really cannot find a current need for the NExT. I plan on leaving this job soon, so I don’t particularly need one for access control, I am not doing anything at home that would need it currently either.

I am interested in the bundles, as I would like a xLED or xG3 (I also don’t have a need for either of these, but the bundles are a nice discount for more than one item.) with the Spark 2 along with the rest of the items. I just don’t need a NExT right now. (I want one, just not sure if a new one would be developed before I have a use for it.)

Would it be better to buy one to have in case I change my mind, or wait until I have a need for one, and buy the latest and greatest.

If I only buy a Vivokey Spark, do I really need the rest of the items that come in a bundle?

If you have no use for them, maybe not? You could always hang on to them or implant them at a later date. If you never use them, there may be people who would buy them from you (if they’re still sterile).

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Thank you.

I was referring to the accessories that come in the bundles, and if I need those for the Spark. If not, I may just get a Spark 2 only.

I re-read it, I doubt I would need any of those besides maybe the KBR1. So it looks like I might be headed for a Spark only.

As far as the NeXT goes…

The spark2 would only be useful currently with linking a business card and authentication to VivoKey forums and DT forums. Your NeXT will be more useful then your Spark on day-day basis. On my NeXT I write boarding passes and links all day. And when I find a use for my LF door lock I write it.

Your NeXT is where it at as far as FUNCTION ABILITY. I have both, so this is speaking from personal experience. Unless you wanna just be able to say hey I have an implant which is useless unless you can show and talk about your actual use case scenarios.


That makes sense. To be honest, I just want something to store all my passwords on. I thought the vivokey spark acted as a login, I am mistaken then in how I thought it could be utilized.

I would have never thought to use the NExT that way, as I am also pretty new to computers and stuff.

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If your looking at 2fa and things that are that sort m8, VivoKey Apex and Max are were your gonna wanna look towards.


I had already intended on getting the Max when it comes out, for tap to pay and stuff, I was going to get a Spark 2 for backup.

I have either been struggling to find out what the Spark really does, or I am too dim too understand.

Thank you for your help.

have you had a look through


I pulled it up and it says passwordless login. I am kinda leaning towards too dim at this point.

Does it just mean for one or two sites as MouSkxy mentioned?

I am going with too dim when I look at this.

Not at all, especially if you dont speak gobble-de’gook…

Check out the Vivokey App on the play store, the info and more importantly the screenshots might give you a clearer picture… if you download it, bear in mind you won’t be able to access/ set up profile without a vivokey device
Spark 2
Apex line

Just products / bundles that include the NExT… but I can say the NExT shipment from the factory is in the USA now, waiting to go through customs… we should start shipping to customers soon.

Well, to be fair, you can effectively share links with the Spark 2 as well… just change the scan behavior in the VivoKey app.

Sorta… you can use the Spark to auth any service that implements our OpenID Connect identity provider API (… so for the moment that’s our own forums and services, and anything you implement with your own OIDC client or our plugins, for example the WordPress or Discourse plugins… and we will be releasing the VivoKey Vault service soon which is a password manager with it’s own 2FA (key escrow) and secure file storage (eventually), all unlocked with a chip scan… so it just depends on what you mean by “login”.

To be clear, and forgive me… I suck at adding tons of names to the spectrum here… but VivoKey Apex will be an entire family of devices which include the Apex Flex (flex device) and Apex Max (3mm glass injectable).




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Sorry about that @amal, quick responses. I meant the Apex Max and Apex flex :). Are you guys at VivoKey still talking about releasing an Apex line in ring form?

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Yes but that will be based on a partnership with a quality ring maker and those partnerships explored have been slow going… even slower now with covid-19 causing an overabundance of caution from executives.

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I have a design idea. And it could light up too!



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