Shipping Delay/NExT Question

What phone do you have?
Only asking because every Samsung I have brought over the last… many years has come with an OTG adapter.
ie. if you dont have one, you probably know somebody with one…

I have the S9+ currently. I don’t recall it coming with a cable like that.

It won’t be a cable. Just an adapter… standby
Like this

That is the kind I would need, I honestly don’t remember my phone having one. I have the box in my closet so I can check when I get up again.

Unless you took it out, It should be there, I have an S9 with Type C OTG
My S8 Type C
My S7 micro
My S6 micro
My S5 ??
All had one
and Yes I had an S4 mini and S3mini also

In your S9+ box, it should be here (bottom left)

Im one of those damn iphone users so I had a buddy donate me an old note 4 for me to learn the system/prepare for my cyborg lifestyle. All he handed me was a phone. I said thanks and now I need an adapter. $6 in. Getting off easy


The Samsung ones are usually not a cable just an adapter.


Ohh @Pilgrimsmaster you beat me too it… my bad

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Haha, I do that all the time, Typing away, post, then “bugger, pipped at the post”
Your picture was much better anyway

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This is the OTC adapter I am currently using

Well, you may as well remove that one (lil blue thang) from a proven track record… erased my work badge, and didn’t copy to my hand. I will try it once more, then I will have to get a proxmark.

Well if work has to write a new badge for you, can they just write to your implant?

I asked them that, and they looked at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead. Pretty religious place, lots of ignorance to go around.

They said no is the short story.

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So you used a blue cloner, pressed “read” and it wiped your badge?
Did it beep when it read?
Have you tried opening the cloner to get access to the antenna?
Place antenna directly on the card “read” does it beep?
how many times?
do you have a spare t5577 card (or EM or HID depending on your system) to practice write to?

Yes, twice.

After the first one failed, I opened it up and relocated the antenna to the outside.

Yes, it beeped twice when I would hit read.

I have no spare cards to trial. I have the key fobs that came with the cloner.

I recently acquired a laptop, it needs to be formatted before I can use it however. I plan to just get the proxmark and not dealing with lil blue anymore.

If anyone wants this little blue rfid killer, just let me know. It doesn’t work as intended for me, but I imagine someone has alliterative motives for frying peoples rfid tags on the go.