Shipping Delay/NExT Question

Absolutely fair and appreciated. I think it would definitely be NICE if it ends up being readable at certain angles just to make it super quick/easy, but I can pretty easily get 360 degrees around with moving my phone and/or arm (depending on the angle), so whatever happens happens I suppose haha. Some angles might look a bit funny, but whatever.

So what is the difference between the lil blue cloner and the proxmark?

I always read to not use that little blue one.

So the simple cheap cloners literally just scan one chip and then attempt to wright that information to another. You shouldn’t use them for the reason stated above of how if there isn’t a strong coupling between the clonner and the chip you could end up with a unusable chip.

At least unusable till you buy a proxmark that is because the proxmark can do just about everything when it comes to RFID. Yes it can clone a chip, but it can also analyze and crack the encryption on more robust chips. The proxmark is a serious tool for security research. It gets recommended here because DT created an antennae that can plug into the proxmark and get great coupling with an x-series chip.

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Just a shame it is so expensive.

I will likely give the little blue one a shot then. As long as the proxmark can unblock it at a later time if needed.

At the moment! at least you are putting it in your hand.
There will likely be opportunities that present themselves at some stage.
I’m just saying, don’t write it off.

Correct, However

Normally I would suggest to somebody to avoid the blue cloner, and to get tha PM Easy, but from reading your posts, I don’t think you would “enjoy” using one.
The bonus of the Blue Cloner is:-
Small form factor (easily portable)
Very simple to operate

Just remember.
These blue cloners are not all made equally, To get a good read/write, personally I would open the case and move the antenna to the outside, Also when writing remember to wait a little longer.


Amals Video

CLONING - Blue Cloner How To

And yes if you “brick it” a Proxmark SHOULD be able to recover it.
Just get the Easy though, and there will be somebody on here to help you through the Setup and recovery


True. I really want nothing more than to be an end user of what Amal has going on here. I also understand that is not entirely possible and it will take work on my end to become a cyborg.

I am also very interested in the installation side of it. I am currently looking at dermal elevators so I can learn to use one and install the new flex apex in my hand.

It would also help if I had a computer, which I think I would also have to get to use the other device if I am not mistaken.

In either case, I will try the blue one you linked, I will likely post pictures of what I am doing before I do it, cause if I only get one chance at it, may as well make it count.

My work wouldn’t be able to tell the difference right? I assume clone means exact replica.

There is a thread on using a proxmark 3 connected to an android phone. I dont have one (yet) so cant attest to it.

Any reason why you are looking at elevators rather than the DT Syringe?

You can do some stuff through your phone

Exactly :+1:

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Works great with the Walrus app on my phone. Just need to make sure you have the orientation of the pm3 correct on your tag :+1::+1::+1:

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Dermal elevator for installing a flex device, those aren’t in a syringe. I will look into the cost of a PM3.

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Hope this video helps
I’ve seen the flex be installed with a scalpel and piercing follower to create the pocket

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@anon2520759 found this one, but it is out of China
Maybe buy more locally in the current climate ( Even though USA have more COVID cases that China AND Italy )
The seller PiSwords on AliExpress has it on sale (25% off, cost me CAD $59.99 including shipping) and they will also flash it with the latest Iceman fork if you ask them to :ok_hand:

Dont get the Iceman fork option, because you will likely be using it on your phone. Iceman not compatiable

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I thought of that after I watched that scalpel video.
That is what I am leaning towards for self install now.

The elevator I guess would be for if I do it on other people. It would make it easy to implant undear a vein. I am very interested in installing the devices for people, I enjoy medical work.

The scalpel procedure looks easy enough, just not sure I can do that one handed.

I haven’t ventured into the android forum yet, but would they have to flash anything else on it?

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I ordered my PM3 easy from a seller from the states for like 50ish bucks. Plug and play with the android. Just make sure you are using a OTC cable that was my problem.
I tried to use the app called Andprox but it said I had to flash the pm3 so I just stuck with the Walrus app.

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It should come from the factory with V2.0 I think, and you would just need a compatible app.

I am going to recommend Walrus because they are :kiwi_fruit: :kiwi_fruit:

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Here is the link to the eBay pm3 I bought with in the states. I got it in like 4 days

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Y’all are too kind. Thanks for the link, I may as well go with that then.


edit oops, realized im on an old ubs micro android. most use usb-c now. Removed link to reduce confusion

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