Shipping speed? Install Tips?

Hi again y’all!
So I’ve finally decided to get the NExT chip first and then the xSIID once my tax return comes in. Super eager to get this project underway, and want to order as soon as possible. Only issue is I’m not sure which residence I will be at in the near future (I go between Maryland and Virginia), and I’ve already sent an email through the contact page about when I can expect it to arrive.

While I’m waiting for a reply, does anyone living on this side of the country remember how long it took for your order to arrive, ballpark?

When it arrives, depending on where I am I might go ahead and self-install. Have watched a ton of videos on it, the one I found most helpful was Sparkfun’s video. I see he’s using some sort of four-tipped hemostat, which I don’t have; how did the rest of you tent the skin on your own?
If I’m in VA I’ll have my sister do it; she’s prepping to go to medical school, and has also watched a ton of videos. Anything non-visible/ not mentioned in most videos that you think she or I should know? Pressure, depth, etc? Needle face (cannot think of the right word although I know it, sorry for sounding dumb) up or down?


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It took like a week for me to get mine.

I would suggest you eat a healthy meal a few hours beforehand, as to not pass out.

I had my wife tent my skin, I did the needles. Tenting isn’t necessary, but it helps. I did one without, and that was the only one I was worried about not staying all the way in. It is fine.


Its no fun to passout
See link


I’m curious, is it something special about the implanting process? Do you have issues with needles usually? I regularly have ~17 gauge needles in me for ~2hrs and I have never even come close to passing out, even when I have not eaten. Hell I had 1 in each arm for 6+ hrs once and I skipped breakfast (probably a dumb thing to do) and again I was fine. Honestly had not considered that passing out was a possible reaction if you did not have like a fear of needles, but it seems rather common. :man_shrugging:

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Is Pinhead like Needle Face?

Not dumb
Yes you do know it
Bevel is the word
Down is Amals reccomendation.
From observations on this forum, Less often people use bevel up.

If you search here for bevel you will find a lot of information…29 results for


I couldn’t tell you why. I have had plenty of piercings and tattoos. Never happened with that before. It usually only happens when people are fishing for a vein in my arm trying to draw blood.


Same. I used to be a piercer too, so no stranger to blood and no fear of sharps, but I have solid black tattooed arms and when MFers are up in there for 5 mins trying to find a vein in either arm, I start to get the ol’ vasovagal syncope. I’m not consciously nervous, scared or anxious… it just happens sometimes. Nothing to be embarrassed about :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s the sensation in my arm, cuz it’s only when nurses can’t find a vein. I had my septum cartilage removed without anaesthetic, and that was one, bloody mess… no problems. Fishing for veins though… Unsurprisingly, it happens more often when I have to do fasting blood tests.


No fear. No bother giving blood. Could have been adrenaline mixed with seeing bandage. No clue. Our brain/body is a weird thing.


aaah, there it is! I’d done a search for “needle” prior to writing this post and, of course, got too many hits to find “bevel.” Thank you!

That’s what I’ve seen in vids. I’ll probably do it that way if I can’t tent the skin, but we’ll see.


Should mean nothing. If they are poking you on sight, they are wrong. Should be no different than a black persons skin. They should go on feel. I have been a certified phlebotomist for 6 years now, I don’t fish either, I just pull the needle out and poke again.

Also, how was the solid black tattoo, considering doing my right forearm solid black.

I was part of a procedure that stopped them from retrying, was not comfortable but was quite fascinating watching them try to get the vein repeatedly under my skin (Apparently me watching the needle going it was weird :sweat_smile:).It actually took them a good min or 2 to get it in properly. :syringe:


Damn right, it should. Funny thing I’ve noticed is nurses of colour have no problems whatsoever. It always makes me wonder how new these other nurses are, but I’d say 80% of nurses have trouble finding my veins and blame the tattoos (but yeah, isn’t that precisely why they press a finger down to feel the veins?)

Solid black wasn’t fun, I mean… if you’ve had tattoos before, it’s just that constant burning sensation. Forearms weren’t too bad though, more the inner bicep, the armpits and the collar/trapezius that were really nasty. 27 hours all up. It just isn’t a nice feeling and I could only stand about 3-4 hours at a time before my immune system went bonkers. But, like with any tattoo, you just meditate through it and it’s worth the end result, eh?

I did try a wet healing technique for the black though, and that was great. Much less itching during the healing process. Absolutely love it though, want more solid work done… it’s especially nice during winter when the sun comes out. Solar panels :grinning:

But yeah, do it! I love it. Can always do white over it later on if you wanna get fancy :slight_smile: