Shipping to the UK


Here’s the numbers

Order #17894

Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster Thats too long I got my flexEM 3days after notification it shipped. I also had tracking up to it landing in the UK.

EDIT: but if i know one thing is DT will help you out they really are an amazing bunch with amazing customer service!


I am within the isle of Man so I do expect slightly longer but yeah that’s what I was thinking


I can see from all these quick responses. Really no complaints here.


There’s your answer. USPS employees and facilities must be operating in freak bubbles of extremely high gravity, because time seems to run orders of magnitude more slowly for them than for the rest of us on planet Earth.


Having not had to use them before I can see why space time issues may be a problem. Mmmh yes.

I have many times, and whenever a distributors offers USPS or something else, I choose something else without even thinking. And if the distributor offers only USPS, I try to find another distributor.

The only exception to that is Mondial Relay, which is even worse, amazingly enough. But that’s Europe I think.


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I shall go get the stick of persuasion on them in that case

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Good luck with that. It’s unions you’re dealing with here :slight_smile:

Ughhh fun

I don’t know how much you can do but I’ve been through their maze of forms and such and I got an error message with this finally

“if your inquiry pertains to the status of an article mailed from a US address to an address outside of the US, you must contact the US sender and ask them to initiate an inquiry with the US Postal Service by calling 1-800-222-1811.”

Thanks for all the help, people

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Just a reminder that there based in seattle so its 4am there :wink:

BTW is it your first implant? What did you get?

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While you wait for your reply, this may be worth a read

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I was just looking for that :rofl:


Will do and yes first implant. May have gone overboard on the VK spark 2 but hey we live and learn.

If I need it fast, I use something else. If I just order it and it can come whenever? I use USPS.

You have a point: if you don’t care about fast and you die of old age waiting for your parcel, it certainly won’t bother you any worse after you’re dead :slight_smile:

Hopefully you’re item arrives soon !

If you’re UK based. DT has a distributor called KSEC based in London. Means quicker shipping times and no import fees for any country in the EU.

Additionally we have a FB group which we post a lot of our UK content in

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Thanks very much I’ll remember that in future. I have to say I’m loving the atmosphere here guys. You’re all very helpful!