Should I make more xGLO

Maybe even reinforced somehow? The more I think about it, the more I want an xGLO and I’m not sure I like that :sweat_smile:

And this is pretty close to what I was thinking. A UV led embedded at one end with an antenna would make it “self charging” in an RFID field.

But what if I am working in a hospital, you get brought in as a car accident victim and I unknowingly breathe in the tritium that is escaping from your xglo as I remove it?

Sure that is a lot of what if’s but you can’t guarantee that it is only you that you are exposing. Given that there are safer alternatives why not go with them?

Alternatively, given that the half life of Tritium is only 12 years, why not go for a Radium implant. The 1,600 year half life guarantees it will be glowing long after you are gone. (Please don’t do this)


I’d buy some :raised_hand:
Though unlikely to get them installed, or if so, perhaps to keep them for a pre determined time.

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There aren’t. That’s the thing.

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Nope. This is just something my bodmod artist and me were talking about, because he is collecting watches and thus knows a bit about glowing pigments. SuperLuminova is used by several watch-makers, so he just told me that my glowy will be “similar to that”. I have seriously no idea on what exactly Steve uses for his implants… just that it is not more radioactive than a banana, I guess :smile:

Yes, totally! And that’s why I would love to see some glowing resin or the like in an x-Series implant. Easy to try out, easy to get out again.
I would also love that stuff in various styles of silicone implants or in tattoo ink, I’d be very happy with that :wink:

I can understand that, and I might just be a bit too trusting towards my artist :wink: But I think it’s safe enough for me - though everyone has a different threshold there. Interestingly enough, my glowy is surrounded by a thin layer of clear silicone, so whatever glowy stuff there is, it’s not in direct contact with my body.

Depending on what you want, there are. We’ve got glow-in-the-dark-stuff, we’ve got UV-active tattoo inks, we’ve got LEDs. The only thing you can’t currently achieve is a glowy that glows by itself, visible by daylight. Of course everyone has to decide that for themself, but if I weigh in the health risks, I’m fine with the current alternatives. Or with creating something new and better off of them, of course.


I voted that adults can decide for themselves, which will be my stance on pretty much any mod. The xGLO in particular I don’t think should be recreated in it’s original form though, we should come up with a better design. Glass is prone to break, there’s no way around it. We should look into other encapsulation materials like PMMA. Also possibly some kind of transparent elastomer to suspend the ampoule in for shock absorption.

From a functional standpoint the original xGLO was lackluster. If I were to get one I would want 2 or 4 times the tritium to get more brightness for longer. Basically if we’re gonna do this go big or go home.


I like the way you think.

So radium powered implants got it :slight_smile:

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I’m still working on getting the betavoltaic cells from Widetronix. They have a 8mm x 8mm x 2mm surface mount SKU all worked out for me. I just need to get a radioisotope license…

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There are, you just don’t like them. Alternatives don’t necessarily provide the exact same functionality. Glow in the dark pigments encapsulated in a bio safe material are less radioactive and no more toxic than tritium vials.

The tradeoff is that they need “charging” to show up.

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And there’s the rub.

I have actually known someone who tried to touch up a uniform shirt while wearing it. As soon as he fell asleep his roommate took a picture of the 2 inch triangular burn on his chest from the tip of the iron.

I definitely agree with Rosco on this. Someone will undoubtedly take that risk without fully understanding it. Not worth it.


How about setting a very high age restriction to buy xGlow? A person has to be at least 35 years old to be the POTUS even though they are already classified as an “Adult”. The age restriction could be set at 80 years old, that would be fine with me. I voted adults can decide for themselves, I don’t personally want one though.

You couldn’t have picked a worse example of extended age restriction. The last POTUS was an elderly man and was a complete dumpster fire.

Hint: age and wisdom don’t correlate.


Stupidity doesn’t usually correlate with age… :wink:

edit: sigh, Rosco was faster…^^


No no, I get it. :joy: I used quotes on “Adult.”

The only difference between an adult and a minor is legal: the former is responsible before the law, while the latter’s legal representatives are.

Many adults are mentally children.

Sometimes it’s even possible for an adult to be recognized as a child: in Europe for example, if you manage to prove that credit lenders granted you a credit and failed to detect you can’t pay, your debt is erased. Effectively, you’ve proved that you’re too stupid to abstain from doing credit when you can’t afford it, and the consequences are borne by the credit lender.

In the hypothetical case of the xGLO, it wouldn’t take much for a lawyer to argue that you must be a bit of an airhead to want a vial of pressurized radioactive gas implanted under your skin, thereby shifting the blame to whoever sold it to you - i.e. Amal.

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I don’t know IMO…

The common civilian is too afraid of any of this technology anyway. They can’t even fathom what a NExT chip does or is. I voted for letting adults decide. But then again I keep seeing comments on the forum of people getting chips then after their installed asking what to do with them. Which is completely irresponsible and insane. And it shows some people are willing to just stick them in without knowing what they really even are. I mean you have the warning that it’s dangerous already so why not make them? People will probably just make their own that’s just much worse and more dangerous. I do agree the encasement should be stronger if made though!

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I assumed he suggested the age restriction to reduce potential cancer risk. Less time left on the meter for your cells to get wacky and all.