Show off USING your implant! 🎥

hey, i think the video for paying with the NeXT chip has been taken down? mind sending the link again kinda wanna see and see how you did it

what NeXT are you useing and what did you put on it to make it work like that?

It’s not possible to pay with a NExT… It was probably a payment conversion

the only way the next would work for payment is in a pseudo payment situation. where a system is using their own choice of non EMV credentials and own setup to create a small internal payment system.

aka this cannot be replicated unless you happen to be part of a system that has their own form of internal currency (sometimes schools etc)

I no longer carry an external key for my replica Cobra. Got tired of walking by it with a key in my pocket while at Cars & Coffee, and the damn lights would blink because I got too close. Thank you NExT.


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Excellent video! Just one observation, the needle is about 11g … smaller than 4g, which is the big boi used for flex installs :wink:

Oh goodness!!! Thank you. I will clarify on YT in description. I don’t know where I got 4 from.

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Simple, but good


Was cloned from the original, to a saved file, and then to the t5577 with a Flipper :dolphin:, wasn’t sure if it would work or not but there you go.

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Using my implant at a local festival instead of the generic payment cards :grinning:


OMG, it’s the future! I don’t use any of mine for payment so it was cool to see this in action -thank you.

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Biomagnetic hands v2.0 #cyberpunk #technology #gaming #love - YouTube

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are you using walletmor?

xSIID led chip & new lock installation on room
Bought to use with my neXt chip i’ll post a vid of that when I get it working.

Smart Lock SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Keypad Smart Deadbolt-Fingerprint Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock-App Control, Remote Ekeys Sharing, Free App Monitoring Easy to Install for Homes and Hotel


Cool! What lock is that?


Same lock I have… Works great with both my xMagic and my NExT!

Her’s a few videos of my uses.

Opening server room at work with my NExT that I cloned my LF HID work badge to:

Opening my my car door using the xAC v2 (I hid the antenna in the mirror):

Opening my Garage door at my old house using the xAC v1:

Unlocking my computer and controlling my smart home:

And of course, the first thing I ever did with my NExT seconds after leaving the installer: