Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

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Is that a normal glow in the dark subdermal, or one of those DT LED+ glow prototypes that Amal was talking about?

That would be his custom DoNExT:

It was a replacement for his flexNExT, which met the same fate as most other flexNExTs. It was a similar idea, but with a hole punched in the middle, which was hoped to have fixed the failure issues (it didn’t, it seems). His post has more info, but AFAIK, he has the only one with glow powder.

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Bit late for me, but seeing Coma’s power button and now your glowy flexNExT, I want one too now.

Does the implant still work by the way?

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Sounds like the implant died

Red and blue xSIID


Ah I missed that.

Well at least it functions as a snazzy glow-in-the-dark implant.

If I could get an “H+” glowy it would be very tempting… A power button is somewhat tempting already.

Here is a bad video of mine…

I wish DT released a giant implant with just a copper coil (not foil, not PCB) and a few LEDs, for high intensity through-flesh blinkiness. I really miss my flexNExT’s LEDs: that thing lit up like a friggin’ airport runway.


Mine? Still does fine, though to the disappointment of my dearest, the power button can’t really turn me off, seemingly.




The LEDs survived but without the tag it’s hard to turn them on.

Were they reinforced? I seem to remember Amal coating the nails with epoxy or something.

The weak-ass, “disconnected” LEDs were the first sign that the Bullseye had given up the ghost on mine. And then shortly after the LEDs went dark too one by one.

Yes reinforced with harder epoxy. I think it helped a lot, flexes should all be hard in my opinion :sweat_smile:

Why, I’m glad to hear someone has come to the same conclusion :slight_smile:

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It bothers me so much that we call the rigid coin shaped t5577 “flex” :joy:

It doesn’t matter… and reasons and stuff…

…but it irks me in an amusing and unreasonable manner

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It’s just a name, like central intelligence agency or prairie dog. Sometimes the name has nothing to do with the reality of the thing bearing the name.

In the case of the flexEM, not only is it rigid, it’s also cutting like a dremel disk. The one in my back has been busy trying to slice me up inside since August. But I reckon it’s very unlikely to come unsoldered, which is just what I need for an implant in such a rough area. So no complaint from me.

We might rename the flexEM to HacksawJD3000



Perhaps EM mega? :thinking:Lol

… if there’s one thing everyone on this forum is good at… it’s not agreeing how things should be named