Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

That seriously made my night. Thank you. I haven’t seen that clip in ages.
I cannot wait to get my red one. First steps to being a cyborg :mechanical_arm: :mechanical_leg:
I’m going to get the Red xSIID bundle. I need one on each side, my memory is trash. I lose everything. This really is going to be such a lifesaver. Now to be able to store and use my government ID with one. I know, spooky maybe. I lose that thing twice a year on average lol

My eyes got so big when you lit that up :exploding_head:
Is that the implant you are referring to here, or is that a configuration of 3?
I would like to get something like this on my hand maybe… not sure where it should even go tbh

That is the currently discontinued flex NExT

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I made a series of photos to see how the healing is. This was a concern on my side and I didn’t find more information. Maybe it’s useful for somebody else.

Right now, I have a vCard and an Emergency-Page coupled with my two implants.
A little off topic: Did take some time to make the website “secure”. First you scan the tag and in the url has a base64 encoded and blowfish crypted hash as parameter. When you scan it, you’ll visit a page, I’ll get an email about the visit, and you’ll be forwarded with another hash and timestamp which is only valid for 60 seconds. This second page is also coupled with an email. At any time I’m able to change the salted password and rewrite the tags :slight_smile:


How do you use this at vending machine?

I think they just use the reader to light up the blinky since they put out a lot of power, not actually for payment

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Quick n00by question: Are the LED’s in the xSIID chips programmable at all? Say, to set them to blink during read/write, or do they only function as a field indicator in a constant-on display?

The LED on the xSIID functions like a field detector only.

Gotcha. Thanks! :slight_smile:


green flexSIID
blue xSIID
red xSIID
red xLED

KBR1 Reader & Unloki


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Had mine installed yesterday and it already works like a charm. Probably due to my skinny hands (unlike the rest of my body though :smiley: )


Just a quick question with regards to the xLED’s and xsiid’s that I’ve always wondered, it looks like a lot of vids here of people showing their xLED’s often have them kind of blink on and off, but some videos have them as a solid light.

I love the LEDs in the xsiid’s, mostly because when I use the reader, they stay on without blinking on and off. Are the xLED’s the same? If I use my phone or reader on them, will they remain on like my current xsiid’s?

The light comes on before the chip gets read so if you approach carefully you can get the light to flash with readers that poll for chips in the field. They save battery power by only checking for chips a couple times a second so you get a flash effect. Once those readers get a solid read from the chip though they tend to go into full power mode and keep the field on, and the light stays solid.


Oh sweet! Time to get me some xLED’s then :grin::grin:

Well… be aware that xLED don’t have any chips inside only lights, so they will never go solid on those kinds of readers. Some readers like USB connected ones often don’t bother with polling, so they just keep the field powered all the time. If you bring an xLED to one of those readers it will just light up solid.

Glad I came back here in the morning to see that, because I totally forgot about xLED’s not having a chip. I guess the next question then, is the kbr1 reader one that polls or not? And if it is, can yourself or anyone recommend a reader that doesn’t? (thank you for the responses btw :grin:)

kbr1 is on full power all the time… 100% duty cycle. Pretty much any battery powered reader (phones, some access control systems) will have some sort of polling rate. You can test this easily with the

if you have one.