Show off your Magnets! 🧲 TiTAN + xG3 v1 + v2 Gallery


Running out of space?

I know why you are only doing the one hand, but have you considered expanding to your other one?

Not a space issue, my v1 is fairly lacking

A v1 is more suited to “feel” than to “lift”
I have both here and indeed the v2 can pick up more weight than the v1. But the v1 has the ability to tilt when there is a magnetic pull around. It’s this tilt and not just a full on pull that could help you detect origins of electromagnetic fields easier.

Both have their purpose. But if yours is just to pick up more than “sensing”, yeah v2 is the way to go.


(used :duck: tape to fix the two batterys together)

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Here you see the Xg3 V2 being rotated with another external magnet.

Its free to rotate around it self in the pocket.

I thought I would post this here, on @Vicarious’ behalf



Here is a video of me playing with my xg3 v2 and some ferrofluid 3 days after installing :slight_smile:


Titan has only been in about 4 days now. I’m trying to limit how much I play with it! But for now here’s a small video clip.


“Holy shit Colby, Holy shit…” I’m a wizard?


I love my xG3 V2 so much more than I thought I would! So glad I ended up getting it implanted.


I want to know what the rest of that was!!

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This is exactly what I said! Except it’s

Holy shit @CobyL777

Holy shit I’m a wizard!


So, now I have access to a better Camera and that’s why I have decided to upload some more footage of my magnets and I hope the quality is a bit better. The light in my room is awful, but I think it turned out okay.

Ok and as “bonus” some old nasty not cleaned off scalpels from my Titan Install


I’m curious if your titan issues might be partly influenced by the magnet sitting right next to it in the adjacent finger

Maybe someone with an unimplanted xg3 and a titan could place them side by side and measure the max distance between them before they start interacting. Would be good data points to have I think


@mrln How difficult was it to install on the knife edge? On a scale between a finger implant and a regular injectable in the meaty part of a hand?
How’s sensing from that location?

Sensing is awesome!

But most people who have the xg3 in their knife edge have nearly no sensing abilities…

It was certainly Easter then my finger installs but more difficult then my p0 xsiid install.

The skin is really tough there and getting through that with one hand is not that easy.

I would not do it without a clamp to lift the skin.

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So you lucked out then or?

I was planning on having a friend install it. So that adds a couple of hands.

I dont have any other magnet implants to compare it to but I seem to get some pretty good sensing for my knife edge xg3v2.