Show off your Magnets! 🧲 TiTAN + xG3 v1 + v2 Gallery

Sounds painful, I like it :rofl:


Sneaky, sneaky. I’ve got one of those in my kit.


I’ve got some pretty tough skin…only metaphorically though XD
Also I’ve noticed it doesn’t hurt pinching the skin, it just goes numb after a while, but looks pretty bad lol

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Now I’m curious about her reaction? Gosh, I could freak out half of my family if they found out that Amal got under my skin…

I’m still planning to get more chrome regardless of that.

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She actually loves it!
She’s like my great second aunt or something like that, don’t really know be we both know we’re family and she’s older so I’ve been helping her out around the house, especially when she got a knee replacement. She knows that when she’s paid me in the past for house work, the money went straight to Amal lol


It’s good to stretch in the morning!


Is that a Titan you’ve got in P0?

No, an xg3 v1, and the bottom one is a v2

It’s alive :joy: I’m having too much fun with this thing


haha nice! what is that thing? (i converted your video to be more webby friendly)


Muchas gracias! It’s the magnet used to remove anti-theft tags from clothes. Quite strong but not strong enough to be painful on contact.


ahhh… it looked like it had a cord plugged into it in the video :slight_smile:

I’m even more impressed by the look of the round implant on the top of the hand. I forgot its name.

I guess you have plenty of questions about it?

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That looks fun! Lol
FlexNExT on top right? With non glowy glowy bits?

It’s a custom flexnext

I do have some electromagnets at home for very secret projects bot not that big :sweat_smile:

Yes, the electronics are dead but it has some wild glow :star2:

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I agree, it looks awesome!

That’s both surprising and tempting at the same time.




I was cleaning out my Google photos and came across this video from March 2022. I’m pretty sure I never posted it here. Found a magnetic stirrer in an abandoned area of a mill I was working in and knew what I had to do. That’s an xG3v1 in my left hand middle finger.


Oh my lordy… is it doing full revolutions?

No, it’s moving back and forth like a seesaw.