Show off your Magnets! 🧲 TiTAN + xG3 v1 + v2 Gallery

Just realized I totally overlooked this thread, or at least I forgot to post here :smile:
So this is my little Titan baby, about 1.5 months old in this video, lifting its first little things :wink:


Unrelated to the magnet, but what’s that great fingertip metal thingy ? It looks awesome !

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I’ll never forgive the US for having non-magnetic coins

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how else are we supposed to tell the cheap shit coins from US currency in vending machines in 1950? magnets work great for this.

though we did make a steel penny during the war.


Just a piece of jewelry - those “claws” are quite common in the goth scene, though this one is a bit special. Most are a lot less ornamental. Bought it at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany about… dunno, 20 years ago :smile: Guess the brand (that I forgot anyways^^) doesn’t exist any more, like so many wonderful subculture brands… sigh… I’m getting old :wink:


Thate awesome. Congrats! Im jealous- im gonna need to get a Titan sometime.

My v2 reacts the most to my microwave. I have 3 v1s and a titan as well but this fell is my favourite