Show off your Magnets! 🧲 TiTAN + xG3 v1 + v2 Gallery

Nice! Can’t wait to get mine. It’s next on my list.
Great nails, too! :star_struck:

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i have a custom n55 implanted, where do see stock for a n64??? id definitely buy one to make another magnet implant lmao

I haven’t seen it available sadly, just dreaming haha. Theoretically it would be ~12% stronger than N52?

Ah okay i was gonna grab one so quick lmao

Im not sure about strength, my n55 is 5mm x 6mm plus coating which comes out to around 6mm x 7-8mm

It can hold a spoon or fork with no issues, IIRC it has a 1.2lb lift strength but it’s definitely lower than that with the skin & coating in the way

Honestly i wish i did 4mm x 10mm but this is still pretty strong, i get stuck to the sink or random metal objects sometimes


I’d be more interested in more strength for sensing honestly. A titan with the same mass and dimensions with more strength would just increase the sensitivity I would think, not sure if sensitivity increase would be 1:1 with the strength increase though.

I’m sure I will start wanting a lifting magnet as soon as my Titan is in though lol. Hopefully tonight :crossed_fingers:


i have a haworth finger magnet for sensing but the n55 & xg3v1 all work for sensing

by far the Haworth is more sensitive though

I’d love a titan but it’d have to be at least an N55 for me to even consider buying it, i personally cant justify that price for an n52

edit: for me the sensitivity feels like ½ or ⅓ to strength

With @tac0s doing his sizzle reels i wanted to show how i use my xG3 in my daily projects.




For those of you with a bio-magnet and a Samsung S24
Bottom left corner :point_down:

Although, if it’s in your typing finger, You probably already know…


Whaaaa? For what purpose?

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Phone cover with a time window in the top right.

Close the cover, but you can still see the time, for those who use their phones as watches


Ohhhh interesting

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Samsung has been making phone covers with magnets in them for a long time, the S8 already had that “feature”.

They also made an LED cover for the S8 that was powered over NFC IIRC.

But I wasn’t expecting this to still be a thing…

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Do other people with magnets feel the transformers underneath the sidewalks in New York City? I just moved to NYC for an internship, and each time I walk over a grate, I really feel my magnet. I finally put two and two together after realizing the power grid is underground.


i’ve also heard of people feeling when the subway starts moving… massive power spike to overcome inertia and get the train moving… but after that initial spike current drops significantly as does the field strength coming from underground.

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Ive been bringing one of my houses up to code and i frequently have been using a Rotary Hammer Drill. Holy hell can i feel that thing work.