SHS-3321 Dead; What Lock To Buy Now?

Hey, since the Samsung SHS-3321 is now confirmed not-working by multiple people (including me) with the NExT, what deadbolt should I look at for now just to have something that works?

If you guys have input about any samsung / non-samsung deadbolt locks that can use the xNT or NExT to unlock, that’d be amazing.

(as far as I know, every xNT lock on the product compatibility list is manufactured by samsung, and now there’s uncertainty whether any of them work after their most recent software update)

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Just asking myself the same question. Looked like there was various things I could use. Now I get my implant they all dried up lol

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do these locks support end user firmware updates?

If so I wonder if Samsung would support a firmware downgrade to whatever was working before?

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Nope, no wifi connectivity, it’d have to be via JTAG / some hardware flash.

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These work with implants, they market on ability to use any mifare card or equivalent.

I tested one and can confirm it does read an implant chip…however, the read range is very small, so it won’t pick up an implanted implant…so yeah… excellent product for compatibility, not too great for actual use.

Search continues…

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I ended up just buying a hid prox reader that supports native weigand output and one of those two door controller boards. I got a ethernet to Wifi bridge for remote management.
Put an electronic strike on my door and now I use the same prox card for my buildings common areas (elevator, front door) and my apartment door.

Only downside has been having to make quite extensive changes to my metal door frame and having to run trunking to hide all the cables. Oh one oddity I have noticed is that although all the prox readers in my building can read my implant the one I purchased for my apartment door only reads my implant if the cover is off… this is not a problem but it looks pretty ugly without the cover… just some potting compound and a LED.

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Have you Tried the x Field Detector to locate the “sweet spot”?
Can you move the antenna closer to the surface of the cover?

Sadly not as the inside is just filled with potting compound presumably to make it weather safe.

have you scanned the backside :wink: Is the read range better there?

That doesn’t look too bad without the cover!

Maybe make a resonant coil and cap at 13.56mhz and put that on the back of the cover and place the cover back on… nobody would know and you’d get a tiny boost.

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What a great idea! Thanks Amal. Will give that a try and report back.

Feels great having truly seamless keyless entry to the apartment now!

Pilgrimsaster I did try the back of the reader before installing it… and yes it reads fine… so my guess is the antenna position can vary slightly within the potting compound and your mileage may vary between readers. No one has complained about the lack of cover but I think it will look a little neater if Amal’s signal boost idea works… fingers crossed.


there is another thread on the forum here talking about such ideas… i even show some videos of how it works… others hop in on this concept… check this thread… it’s deeply steeped in all kinds of interesting magnetic field fun!