Small electronics switch ideas?

Hey smart folks.

Let’s say, as a Sith, with an xsiid in my finger, I want to lock my lightsaber from those nasty Jedi hands…. Would anyone have an idea on what direction one might take to achiever this?

Right now the electronics work on a simple momentary switch.

I feel like
Unfortunately a small biometric sensor might be easiest due to rfid field and implant angles and such

i dunno… you could make the entire grip be a big cylindrical coil which should read an xEM or 125khz NExT just fine… then make a disc shaped PCB to sit inside on top … or just a rectangular shaped PCB that fits inside the tube.

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You alo have an xG3 correct?..
Why not a Reed switch (Normally Open) in place of the momentary switch.
One for one swap?

Also this may be of interest if you haven’t seen it.

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that might be really hard to line up… a hall effect sensor may present a more forgiving target.

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Same same, only different :wink:

Oh I like the idea of a magnet invoked switch - that may be the easiest

There is a limited amount of space in these things, maybe I can rip apart a usb reader and connect the speaker to the switch headers…