So I bought an RFID door lock and it doesn't seem to be working

So I purchased an RFID door lock from Amazon for $80 and it came with a few key fobs which I first thought we’re compatible with my xEM chip because they’re 125 khz but it doesn’t appear to work with the doorknob I’ve attached a photo of the doorknob if anyone could tell me if I made a mistake and got the wrong door knob or maybe I’m messing something up I would appreciate it thanks!

Do you have a link by any chance? Saves some searching and potentially ending up on the wrong page.

Edit: never mind link I think

Also do you have a X Field Detector (non implantable tag that lights up in the correct position)?

Also welcome!

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Yes that is the link and I do have a field detector but it doesn’t seem to be picked up by the door knob in any position

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What about a Diagnostic card?

In that case I think it’s likely that either the antenna is just poorly tuned for the small X series tags or it has power saving features that are messing with it.

To test the second issue, if you have a diagnostic card put that near it and try to scan, I hear that can work.
Or just press a button to see if that wakes it up.

Basically the reader could be waiting for a change in induction caused by a large coil and the xEM is too small for it to detect that way.

I do not have a Diagnostics card

It doesn’t seem to need to be woken up to activate a key fob I have programmed that came with it

But if anyone is willing I’d be more than happy if someone would help me troubleshoot via video share on Discord I’ll leave my username below

Grandpa Mumbo#0431

If it has the power saving feature I’m talking about, the tags that came with it would be electromagneticly big enough. The xEM coil is tiny which is good for installation but bad for range and things like induction detection (made up that term, not sure if it’s right)

I’m all tucked in bed and just took a sleepy go bye bye pill so I can’t do right now sorry :frowning:


Hmmm, normally come with one…
all is not lost though, and just to add onto what @leumas95 said it could be an xSeries antenna coupling issue OR, It could also be in another mode , The xEM comes in EM mode, but you could be needing HID ProxCard II, III, Indala, etc.
For this you will need a reader to change your xEM
3 options ( cheapest to most expensive ) I will grab you some links shortly
Blue Cloner ( good for EM and Hid ) $15 ish
Proxmark3 Easy $60 ish
Proxmark3 RDV4 $300ish

If it is Series issue, you do have this other option

if it is xSeries antenna AND different mode, then you can use the FlexEM to do this also with the above readers

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The X FD is not working in any position apparently so I rulled that out mentally for now.

Oh I thought you just meant something different by Diagnostics card I do have one of those and have tested it on the door to no avail same with the included field detector also by blue cloner do you mean the one they used to sell on the store but stopped selling it because it had a chance to Brick xEM chips because I do have one of those and as another form post suggested I can’t remember which one at the moment I have taken the top casing off to expose the copper wire for a better read

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If the diagnostic card is not lighting up at all that seems very strange if it’s working with the tags that came with it…

The tags that came with the doorknob work but the generic RFID tags that came with my cloner do not work on this door knob from what I’ve tested so far

Fair point, I would personally always start with the Diagnostic card… for the reason below

THAT is interesting,
Dumb question I know, but do the fobs work on the lock?

If you do a read of a fob, how many times does it beep?

Do you have or access to a Proxmark?
What city do you live in?

I have written one key fob as an “admin” and the only thing that I have to do to scan it is hold it up where does indicated on the doorknob near the five and it scans beeping once then unlocking the door

Basically if the diagnostic card is not lighting up… At all, either it’s faulty (can you try it with the blue cloner to see, just like “read” the diagnostic card, the LF light should work)
Or the lock is not emmiting a 125kHz field (or a 13.56MHz one for that matter)

I do not have access to a proxmark because I just don’t have $400 to Shell out on one and I live near Tulsa Oklahoma

Yeah that’s fair, it’s more because it’s the only real way to work out what those tags are. But it’s not cheap.

I kind of thought that maybe it’s not 125 kilohertz but the doorknob is labeled to be 125 kilohertz and so are the additional key fobs that the manufacturer recommended to buy if you wanted more