Someone near Pensacola to implant

Hey guys I’m looking for someone near Pensacola to do the implant. I’m willing to travel a small bit, but if there is anyone near by that can do it for me that would be cool. I’ve spoken to most of my local piercing places, and can’t come up with any.

I’m looking for someone in the florida panhandle, southwest Georgia, south Alabama, south Mississippi, or maybe even eastern Louisiana.

Hey @Ikea,

I’m from Fort Walton Beach, and my dad still lives up in Defuniak Springs. I suspect you’re going to have a difficult time finding someone willing to assist you with the install =/. The partner map is pretty sparse in that area.

Have you checked out any of the shops in Panama City? You might want to visit instead of calling. There is some pretty good advice on the How to approach a professional page.

If you can’t find anyone nearby willing to help, I recommend you consider New Orleans. Maybe make a day trip out of it. If you do find somebody willing to help out, and they’re interested in implants, maybe mention the forum here. They might want to become a partner.

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I know a guy, but he’s way down in Tampa.