Someone near Savannah GA to implant

Hey guys, my new NeXT and Spark 2 just arrived and I’m excited to become a cyborg, but I’m not sure who I can go to to get implanted. People in this town are generally afraid of new technology, which makes things like this difficult.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any shops in and around Savannah GA that would be comfortable performing the procedure. I’d like to avoid looking like a crazy person barging into tattoo parlors and piercing studios trying to get them to insert these things into me.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey mate, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!!!

You asked for help, Here it is, Not EVERYBODY will be as closed minded as you think, especially in the Piercing world, the only real hold up with piercers is, legality or their perception there of, but if you approach correctly, you might just succeed.

Try approaching your local piercing shops (How to approach a professional) is a guide Amal put together, to get you started.
( Have you checked the partner map )

Make sure you do it in person, you will be much less likely to be turned away.

Also Checkout
WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg 🤖, you will find some further links that may be of use, including self / assisted install if you have no other option

You can try your medical professionals, Drs, Nurses, medics
Some people have even approached Vets before ( The animal kind not the military kind :smile: )

Thanks for the response. I’ve used that guide to ask two shops already, but I’ve gotten weird looks and they refused to even consider doing it. I’m pretty sure RFID implants aren’t illegal here but like I said, people generally fear progress and technology here, so that may be why.

So I decided to ask here if anyone has any knowledge that could help. The partner map shows the closest partner being in Orlando, which is quite a drive.

Thanks again!

Good start, but how many more do you have to go?
What I am trying to say is,
Keep going until you find one, hopefully somebody will be able to give you a good reference, but alternatively, you might be that person, next time somebody else asks?
Good luck and good hunting?

Fair point. I plan to ask some more tomorrow. My work schedule is hectic, and I can’t get out as often as I’d like to run around town waving needles at people and asking them to stab me.

I thought I’d use some down time at work to tap into the knowledge of this forum.

I had to ask four shops before I was met with anything other than “no, it’s illegal”

I got lucky, and even though the fifth shop wouldn’t do it, the piercer was like “I know a guy at shop X you might want to ask”
Took six shops to happen. Gotta be patient.

Fellow Georgian! I’m up in Athens. I’m no help in your search for someone to help you install, but I feel the same way when it comes to finding someone from a tattoo parlor to help; don’t think it’ll happen in these parts. I think self installing is going to be the way to go.

Sounds like a piercing party in Georgia :syringe::partying_face::dancing_men::tada:
You do me and I’ll do you :wink:

@CybRiver :syringe: @chungus :syringe:


That may very well have to happen! I’d be down, if I can’t find a professional to do it.

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@CybRiver @chungus, DM’ed you both


You might want to call your local health department and ask them to look into the legality of it in your area and to send you paperwork with the laws. Then it’s just a matter of finding a peircer that is willing if you can prove to them it isnt illegal for a peircer to do.
And lookup with a piercing license covers so you show them they wont lose their liscence.
You have to understand that they dont want to jeopardize their livelihood more than anything probably. If you can do the leg work for them and use it to put them at ease you might have better luck. I know if you came to me with a request I thought might ruin my career i would say no real quick

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According to my county’s board of health, implants do not seem to be explicitly illegal. They are not mentioned anywhere in their guidelines for tattoo artists and body piercers here.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck tomorrow when i have time to visit some more shops.

Welp, after meeting staunch refusal from every shop I visited in town, one of my medically trained relatives expressed interest and volunteered to do the installation. I’m a cyborg now guys!

Thanks for all the advice!


Great stuff, I hope you heal well.
Any reads yet?

are they an option for @CybRiver?

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Yep. I was able to read/write immediately after implantation. Good stuff.

This person may be an option for @CybRiver if they are willing to make the 3ish hour drive here.


Just got home and fired up the Proxmark Pro and was able to copy my work badge to the LF side of my NeXT with no issues. These things are neat! Can’t wait to try them out on the badge readers at work!


Hitting the ground running… well done you.

:+1: Go big or go home, right?


Wish I had seen this a bit earlier. We could have installed together lol. My mother is an RN and just installed my first 2 Thursday night.