Sooo... I think my magnet may have broken down

After installing my FlexDF2 I decided to hang around the forums here and see what everyone else was up to.
Which bought me across to the DT magnet video mentioning about the issue they had with them breaking down. Which got me onto thinking about my own magnet.

I had my magnet put in my left ring finger near the tip back in 2014, sensation was fantastic when I first got it, but after a couple of years it puffed up a bit and sensations weren’t as strong as they were. I just assumed the skin around it had thickened and hardened up a bit, now I’m not too sure.
I had pretty much completely forgot about it (with the exception of when I try to lift heavy things and I make sure to not put too much pressure on that finger). So I just tried it out and nothing. No feeling next to a power adaptor, nothing next to a microwave and it can’t even lift a staple anymore.

I have no idea what magnet I actually have in my finger, no idea about its coating or anything. I got it from a tattooist in London and when they installed it, they used a needle which they put in from the tip of the finger and then pushed the magnet in through the hole.
All I can say is that it is cylindrical shaped.

A couple of questions I have before I do anything.

Would it be dangerous to just leave it in there?

Now, if I’m going to take this one out (which I probably should), I would ideally like to use the the opportunity to just straight out swap the magnet and get the feeling back. Any ideas/suggestions?

Here is a picture which you can clearly see the “lump”.

How big was the needle?
The only fingertip magnets I still know people to regularly use are the Haworth ones, but to be fair, I only know what I’ve found, and I could be off.

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Puffy and loss of field strength are the 2 biggest red flags, get it out.


Get it out asap. Don’t put anything back in the same spot… There will probably already be a lot of scar tissue. Let it heal, use another finger for something new. (personal non-medical opinion)


Heads-up, OP says they can’t reply to the post since they’re too new, they’ve been DM’ing replies.


I did what your proposing and it worked out well (see this post) If you have no magnetic sense, it’s definitely because the magnet is dissolving inside your finger. The only alternative explanation is that it somehow reached the Curie temp for a few minutes, which is 150°C so probably not. The puffiness is another sure sign.

I would get it out as soon as you can secure another magnet (or before). There will probably be a large pocket of scar tissue around the magnet too, like I had. Make sure that’s removed too, because that’s where most of the metals have been captured. To get a new magnet, some body modders have them, but they’re not great. Parylene or silicone. Just be careful


Just hijacking this thread a little - I heard from magnets breaking down or losing strength several times now, but I’m still considering to get one (maaaybe, some distant time in the future…). Has anyone long-time experience with the Haworth magnets? I found some chart over at, where it looked like the Haworth ones were pretty reliable, one or two were rejected (can always happen, I guess), but no loss in strength. Similar experience here or has someone heard different things?

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Ok, sorry for the late reply, it seems I hit my “New Member post limit”.

A couple questions @ThexTallxDude asked was what size the needle was, it was no more than 2-3mm, as for length, the magnet is about 10mm long.
One thing I don’t think I made clear, when installing, they used a needle to make the hole, took it out, then put the magnet in the hole, they didn’t inject the magnet into my finger.

Everyone is suggesting I get the magnet out ASAP, so that’s what I’ll do, I don’t have any sterile equipment right now, so I can’t take it out tonight.

I’ve sent a message to a body mod artist/tattooist nearby me and they should hopefully get back to me tomorrow. The magnet has been this way for a good couple years, so I figure a few more days won’t hurt.

As it would seem the artist does DT installs, I’m hoping they have a XG3. If so, I’ll see if they can take this one out, and replace it with a XG3. As the XG3 is both thicker and longer, I’m hoping that if there is a load of scar tissue, they might be able to remove it and hopefully it will be roughly the same size as the DT implant.

EDIT: Any replies, I’ll get back to you tomorrow, it’s bed time for me

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If I get things right (please correct me if not…), the XG3 is not really a sensing magnet, but rather a “lifting” one - so if you want it for sensing, you might want to use a different one

Yep, the general consensus is that the xG3 is too large to be an effective sensing magnet, as I understand it

This alone should be reason for removal.

Personally, I would remove it.

Can you hold your phone light to your finger? Can you see the implant? Does it look solid?

If it is not solid, and you don’t feel 100 about removing all (ALL) the pieces, I would rather pay to have someone else do it. Your finger is sensitive, and if you don’t wash it out, it could leave stuff. This just comes back to not knowing the material it had on and in it.

You do you. Personally I feel you will have issues with healing. Your body has likely been fighting that area of your finger for years. I strongly feel you shouldn’t put it in the same place. Other side? Go for it. But I would consider that location off limits for at least a good year after removal.

This is partly why I need to reach out to Cass. I was going to see if he could coat a BB size magnet, that would be able to fit in a DT injector. I don’t mind having it inserted, I just think it would heal better.

I was also hoping by it being a smaller magnet, it would sense more than the xG3.

Will the average bod mod artist do this? I have yet to attempt to find one for my payment install.

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If they are willing to do the magnet removal then they won’t have much of a choice but to remove the scar tissue. As the magnet breaks down your body often seems to create a thick casing of scar tissue around it. Since it’s probably no longer smooth on the surface, it’s not going to pop right out when you cut into that casing, you’re going to have to excise it.

Honestly if it’s just a removal and not an insertion afterwards, go to a fucking doctor and they’ll treat it like a foreign body. They’ll be able to give you anesthetic too, which will really help


I understand they will get some. I am more wondering if they do a full wound debridement.
Do they scrape tissue away until it bleeds well
and wash it out?

Or just, “that looks good.”

Edit to add. I would trust a body mods work if I trust them. If they remove them and have done it before i wouldn’t fuss too much. I am honestly just curious how they generally do it.

Honestly, this is the best idea. You’re already way past normal, and god only knows what’s going on in there. If a body modder cracks it open and finds a nasty infection, then what? Go to a doctor who can deal with any fallout without having to figure it out on the fly.

Plus painkillers, and antibiotics too, if needed.


A doctor is your best bet right now. Chances are the magnet itself is fully corroded and basically gone. What will be left is the insoluble elements of the magnet, and flakes of what I can only assume is the parylene it was coated in.

So, you’re going to have lots of stained and inundated tissue full of what’s likely to be metals and other not great stuff… so there may be a need to excise additional tissue. The primary thing is to get the remnants of the encapsulant material out.

My question is, where did you get this magnet? What was it coated with?


OK, I’ll leave a replacement magnet for now, my finger is worth more than that.
As nice as the sensing was, if the only sensing ones I can get can’t be guaranteed to be safe, Then I won’t risk it again.

Fair point, at this point I am going to just go for a removal. Anesthetic wouldn’t have been an issue for me as I have tons of the stuff (7 vials of lidocaine), but seeing as I’m in the UK and healthcare is free, I may as well go see the professional.

Unfortunately the only answer I have to those is “A tattoo/body mod studio in London”. I tried getting in contact with them, but the person who done my magnet left a couple years ago, so I have no idea what the magnet was coated in. The only thing I can say is that it was roughly a 2 x 10mm cylinder.

Considering everything I found out until now, the Haworth magnets are safe. I’m visiting my bodmod-artist on saturday and I’ll ask him some questions about them - he’s implanting them to lots of his customers since, well, since they are available, also wears one himself, so I guess I can get some helpful information there :wink: I’ll keep you updated.

edit: just found the link to the spreadsheet I talked about: Subdermal Implant Data - there is a button down below where you can select “Magnets”, there’s a nice collection of experiences.

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That would be great.
I spoke to my GP this morning and apparently they’ll have to refer me to someone else to deal with the removal and they have no idea how long that’ll take.

Okay, that’s strange… thought every doc could do that :woman_shrugging:
To what kind of specialist do they want to send you? If it’s taking really long (don’t know how fast you get appointments in the UK, here in germany it can take several months, depending on what kind of doc you need…), maybe you should contact an experienced bodymodder (if there are any left in the UK…) - I agree a doc may be better, because of painkillers, antibiotics and all that stuff, but I think you should get that thing out in time.

I think it’s probably down to the current situation, I don’t think my GP is seeing anyone face to face. I’m assuming they’re referring me to someone who is.

I’m still in talks with the shop nearby that does body mods, I’m hoping that will turn up faster results than the GP did this morning.