Sooo... I think my magnet may have broken down

Okay, that makes sense…
To be honest, I just never visit docs when something with my mods goes wrong (actually, nothing serious until now, so I never had to visit them…) - just a little paranoid that this could lead to someone panicking over - in this case - magnets implanted in fingers and suddenly the next thing gets banned… with all that stuff going on in other countries, I’m just feeling like I’m on happy-bodymod-island, and I like it to stay that way :smiley:


2 x 10 mm is awfully thin for a brittle material in a busy location like a finger.

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Like I promised, I asked my artist about the magnets he uses. He himself has a Haworth-magnet, prototype, the second ever implanted. It’s in his finger since 2007 and still working - not a massive lifting magnet, but he can take up little coins and stuff with it. He prefers to implant the ones from Haworth, but if a customer wishes for, he implants Samppa-magnets as well which are better for lifting.
I asked him about magnets losing strength, an he said that they indeed do, but not all of them - he said they remain stronger when you use them frequently. Might be because the constant slight irritation does something with the surrounding tissue, I have no idea :woman_shrugging:

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Hey, don’t ask me, it’s just his experience :smiley:

so I’m not the only one that had this reaction then lol

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Ahhhh, it must be the good ol’ kinetic energy powered :magnet:

otherwise it could be a static powered :magnet:
But the are pretty Rare on Earth :earth_americas:

It’s the Schumann resonances

So I went low brow :woozy_face:
and you went high brow :nerd_face:

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So, it’s been a while I know.

Anyway, 1 year later, the magnet was removed this morning.

Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me take photos.
But, because this was the first time the doctor had heard of this sort of thing and her search on medical journals didn’t really turn up anything, she took some photos on their machine as a case study to write a journal up for future use.

Luckily she let me take some photos of her photos, so while not exactly the best quality, I think they show enough details.


Did you educate her on the fact there are different coatings and different magnet styles?

I can just see a dr giving me grief now for a xg3 leaching stuff into my body, because of not knowing the difference

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Thanks for following up!

Would you mind posting a photo of your finger post removal? They really opened the tip of your finger up, so I’m extremely curious to see how it looks post-closures. Also curious to see how it heals in the long-term, when it comes to scarring and nerve damage.

Those photos are super gnarly, in an interesting way.


I haven’t seen a hole that big since senior prom!

But joking aside, that’s a helluva nasty looking magnet chunk. I too have been edumacating as many docs as I come across on our world.

Yeah, I explained that newer magnets have different coatings and are less likely to fail as mine has.

I didn’t get a chance to grab a photo before they bandaged it up, when I go back to get it checked up on next Thursday, I’ll grab a pic and update.

So far no pain, just uncomfortable if I move it around a lot or if I don’t hold it up.

They were all really curious about it and kept asking loads of questions. I’m really surprised how interested everyone was about it and nobody thought it was weird, they just seemed to want to know more about it.


Damn those are some gnarly photos. Really interesting seeing the state the magnet is in. It is unfortunate you don’t know what type of magnet or coating it has.

It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t keep the magnet. Because I agreed to let them use this all as research, they wanted to keep it to do tests on it.

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If you have any chance to link in the paper once it’s published, please do so.
Thx for the follow-up!
Happy healing!


Update from today’s appointment. Everything seems to be going well, just the tip is numb.

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Just the tip raptor