SOS proxmark 3 easy, so utterly lost

so I thought I knew what I was doing… or that I was competent with computers…
doubting my sanity, ability, and implanting if I cant make heads or tails of this stupid software

some one mind helping the newb make his reader work?

and I read on this forum to ask for iceman firmware so I did…

lets act like the last couple hours of trying to make this stupid thing work never happened

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I swear to god…

5 second after I hit post, I looked at the original packaging and the original usb cable was in the box, and I was using a virtually identical usb cable…

… It couldn’t be… please tell me that other cable isn’t charge only…
plugs in other cable

drivers start loading raaaaaage


still could use help though… but at least I have commands being exchanged with the reader using proxmark client…

now to figure out the CORRECT way to clone

Hopefully give you some pointers to get you on track.

The iceman fork is better than the factory, FYI another forum member also bought from the same seller on AliExpress and asked for the Iceman Fork, however it arrived with the Factory Firmware…2.0 I think.
So you need to confirm, because your computer and Proxmark need to have matching Software / firmware, or you likely have issues

However, if it is on Factory Firmware, That is not necessarily a bad thing, if you want to use it with your phone also.

What platform are you installing on, Windows, Mac, Linux?

There are a couple of approaches we can try, for want of more info, lets go for:-

Starting with a clean canvas, delete the PM installation folders on your puter.

Try following this YouTube guide, from your PM3 Easy supplier, then let us know how you go, including specific issues, or hopefully it works

There are plenty of other people on here that will be able to give you some input
Also, there is a specific Proxmark Forum that should be able to answer more of your questions

Haha, was too busy replying and missed your success updates,
That is awesome news…

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Hey @Eriequiet! Glad it was such an easy issue to resolve!

I made a WIKI post here called Proxmark for Cyborgs - Getting started and cloning your first badge!

As always, @Pilgrimsmaster has posted while I was typing (happens more often than you’d think!) with some great links. I’m a bit biased, but if you’re just getting started with it I’d start with my guide them move to more detailed resources.

Just a heads up, the Proxmark Forum is great, but they don’t like questions that they feel the answers are already out there. They like to see that you’ve read guides and providing detailed descriptions on what’s gone wrong. And they are strict on their forum rules. It’s a very knowledgeable community, but more of a good place to read and only post if you’re still stuck after a while of reading!

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fist command should always be
hw tune

This tunes your antennas, and is a good starting place.
Then you need to decide what you are trying to clone.
So probably the best generic starting commands would be
lf search
hf search

depending on Frequency you want to clone, once you have done that, let us know what we are looking at and we can direct you to some more specific commands

As always, @compgeek has posted while I was typing (happens more often than you’d think!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Proxmark for Cyborgs - Getting started and cloning your first badge!

Agreed, do this :+1:

Agreed, I also normally give this “warning”

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Just gonna throw this guide in here too, if you’re a Windows user;

PM3 Easy - Easy Windows 10 Firmware Flashing Guide


Are you still having trouble cloning ?

I think I have the device taking to the computer reliably now, and I managed to clone 1 prox card
Tested the clone card and it works

Besides that I haven’t had much time to mess with it

Now I that my important shooting competition is over with I can figure out when I can get implanted and then try to clone to the chip

Hoping I won’t HAVE to make a new antenna, but I know it’s a possibility