SpO2, HR and Vo2 Max in Garmin vivomove watch

Hi guys,

Since I’m a health tracking enthusiast, I just got a nice Garmin hybrid watch with a lot of health sensory data, all of it exportable. SpO2, HR and Vo2 Max, elevation, stress etc… I understand a lot of these variables are ‘syntactical’ sugar, and are somehow derived from other general data.
Anyone here has any experience with these smart watches/bands accuracy wise?

I never new Garmin had anything besides GPS devices :man_facepalming:
Btw, this one also does NFC payments!? :thinking:

Sounds like a …Smart, Watch :watch: …Ahem

Looks smart too

I cant answer any of your questions, I have a Samsung Galaxy Frontier ( Waiting for the Galaxy Watch 2 ) But I take the info with a pinch of salt :salt: but a good general idea.

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I have compared my watch heat rate monitors to my chest one when I get them, always seemed in line with one another but I find the wrist ones can loose the signal sometimes which I have never experienced with a chest mounted one.

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I’ve found the same. I compared my wrist monitor to the hospital. I expected a large discrepancy but was surprised to find none. I was rather impressed for consumer grade mass-produced devices.

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I had to dig a bit but finally found a half decent info about the use of all those sensors.

@Pilgrimsmaster Yes, thats the one! It’s a hybrid analog and digital to be honest. So, it looks like a very nice regular watch, but it aint :smiley:

@Locutus Same here, this is actualy usefull

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Also tested the NFC payment chip and it’s Garmin Pay - never used before. Works like a charm.

I got a 945 about a year ago.

I’m not a fitness person if I’m being honest. The reason I got it was that it had everything I wanted in a smartwatch. Pretty much all the criteria came from owning a pebble time for four years.

Buttons, touchscreen on a sports watch is dumb I think. 1 week+ battery life and easy to read in direct sunlight.

The Garmin pay is decent but not many banks are supported here in Ireland. I have it tied to a Revolut card at the moment.

My goal in getting chips kinda works with the watch as well. My scenario has always been, If I was outside and had nothing but my underwear, what could I do. I currently have the NExT, that takes care of access so I don’t carry keys anymore. The watch has Garmin Pay, so I don’t carry my wallet with me day to day, I am hoping future chips will resolve that.

I also use my watch as a 2FA device with my important codes on it. Here it is on the connect site, just be careful as an update will overwrite your keys in some scenarios.

The Apex chips with Keepass gets me all hot and bothered too :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


My scenario is a bit different, including underwear :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my usual setup since I go out in nature a lot and stay usually over the weekend (unwinding from work) mostly.

  1. NFC Ring for access and other stuff (until and IF my NExT and Spark chips get thru customs)
  2. Garmin watch for health and oxygen tracking and NFC Payments
  3. Samsung earbuds that let me listen to music, but also hear whats around me at the same time (almost like superhearing)
  4. Finally, a xd tech backpack with solar panel, a powerbank and wireless charging for my phone and other devices.

Solar powered off-grid cyborg :smiley:

Ugh, I didn’t like Samsung Watch (active, active 2) at all… in general I don’t like having a FULL smart watch, since I hate staring at black screen when the battery dies out. Tried others, but they are all same in that regard.

Watch, ring, batteries… too much stuff to wear for me. I haven’t worn anything apart from the barest minimum of clothing to look decent on my body for 20 years - hence my wanting implants.

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I’m used to wear watches, just switched it with a “smart” one. NFC ring I don’t like, but its necessary evil until I get my implants. Batteries and solar panel are seamlessly packed in the backpack.

In my part of the country, I can’t get away at night without wearing a jacket even on summer :slight_smile:

I quit wearing a watch - and everything else - when I saw the watch scene in Easy Rider. I actually left my watch at the theater :slight_smile: That movie stunned me and was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It still forms a big part of who I am decades on.

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You my friend have a good taste in movies :slight_smile:

I wear it so I don’t have to pull my phone ALL the time from the pocket.
Also it’s inappropriate to look at the phone while in meeting (even thou it might be urgent), so instead of that I just look at my watch and know if it’s urgent or not.

The daily level of information flow is insane, that’s why I just go climbing some local mountain whenever I can.

I just leave the phone off myself. I only check it every once in a while. The flow of information doesn’t reach me. I leave that to more stressed out people.

Sorry y’all, this is getting OT. I’ll shut my trap now…

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You are a lucky man :wink:

This must be you :wink:

I think it’s fair to say a whole generation was changed by Easy Rider :slight_smile:

I’d sooner ditch the phone than the watch. I like having a watch, I really like having the ability to load my 945 with an audio book and bringing bluetooth headphones with me. Can get through an entire book just on the watch

I get that, especially the battery part. If find it not too arduous though, just charge once every 3-4 days.
For me the Smart watch has far more pros than cons, as mentioned by others through this slowly detailing thread

Shit he’s on to us, run…