Status update of a self implant

I have walked around with a NExT rfid implant in my right hand for about two-three years now. Just now i noticed that one side of it is starting to hurt a bit, with a sharp pain, when i touch it. At first i was afraid i had shattered it somehow, but now i think it is more likely that it has just moved itself towards the skin surface over the years due to not being implanted deep enough (it was a self implant). I see that the skin is stretching until it is very white on that side when flexing my hand in certain directions. Booked a doctors appointment now with the hope that they will agree that the easiest resolution is to just make a small incision and pull it out. Not that I am very worried about it just yet, its more of a “do before it actually becomes a problem” - kind of thing. Just a little update,
and maybe something that might nudge someone to get a professional to implant it for them.

How it currently looks, and it is the right side on the picture that side that is starting to hurt a little when I am touching it.


From seeing the photo it really doesn’t look shallow at all ( maybe it’s just the light). But hey, pain is a warning so you’re right to be cautious.
Sharp pain when you touch it makes me think of a small infection (the kind of pain you get from a pimple or an infected cut) but I don’t see why that would happen after 3 years? Maybe a little bit came of or some sort of cavity allowed for that to form?

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Interesting. Yeah I’d be very curious if they will x-ray it first and then what the status is once it’s pulled out. Thanks for the update and data!


I will make sure to update. It should probably be noted that it had a hard life. Worked as an electrician at the time of insertion and the following year, and its gotten struck a few times by alot of various things haha. Very impressed by the quality of the glass! (and maybe a bit by the dampening of human tissue :thinking:)

The pain is a bit wierd. It might actually be a piece that has come of inside, as it hurts more consistently when i drag my finger along the implant (which i will promptly stop doing because of it) as if it catches something sharp ,but not so consistently if i just tap the skin above it (altough some times this also causes the sharp pain). No signs of internal bleeding, aka red spots though, altough it feels “sharp”. And nothing else visible above the skin either, even when trying to push the impant up against it. What are the odds of it being a wierdly placed nerve?


If you’re impatient maybe you can take a peek with a light :flashlight:

it’s possible… but it “sounds” like a fracture of the glass… though honestly that would be a first to have a lengthwise fracture like that… could just be an irritated nerve… we shall see!


It’s probably best to remove / examine and if safe to do so relocate.

A piercer may be a good alternative, ask them to remove and professionally install

My xSIID that i got installed 20 days ago and is very close to the outer layers of the skin doesn’t really hurt at all