Storage of Kits for future Use

So I am looking at getting the NeXT paired with the pm3 easy that is now a bundle for $158. I have no way of getting an implant for another 20-ish days and I was wondering if there are any storage conditions I should keep in mind when holding onto a kit for this long. I understand the basics of not breaking any sterile seals but beyond that I don’t know what is safe to do and what is not. Would it be better just to order the kit closer to the day of the implant or is it safe to store it in a cabinet for example.

Room temps if you can manage it. Typically storage is fine for 5 years or so.


You can always store it with me. :laughing:


if you No touchy touchy!
Check out Amals video where he mentions skin oils etc (pretty sure its in that one)

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