Subcutaneous Data Storage

Hello everyone, I wondered how to save the most important data that can be written into the implant.
Briefly about my situation:
There is a war in my country :ukraine: now, at any moment i need to move very quickly and lightly (without things)
I had a natural question about saving data (passwords, seed phrase, Apple ID, and so on)
Tell me please what to pay attention to, I need a reliable implant, it is desirable that it can be encrypted with a password
Is there such an implant?

There are no implants with meaningful storage in regards to data…yet

Ntags216 are approximately 1kilobyte
The xSIID is technically 2kilobyte, but only 1 kilobyte is really useable
The desfire is 8kilobytes

Even the apex has bounced up and down, but it’s under 100 kilobytes if I remember correctly

That’s not even a decent picture

Plus almost all the chips will just spit out their payload when prompted

The apex you might be able to store a bit of text behind a password, but it’s not released yet

If you have data you need to transport, either dump it to the cloud (encrypted) or put it on a usb flash drive (encrypted)

As far as the “need to move quickly without things”
There are things you will likely have…
Hide a usb inside your shoes, or in between layers of clothing, or behind a belt buckle etc

I wish implants were the solution your looking for but not yet


Unfortunately this is not an option for me (hidden flash drive or anything else) any electronics will be disabled after EMP radiation, we are all afraid that a sick dictator, if he loses the war, can launch a tactical nuclear strike. I can’t even believe I’m writing this…
But the risks do exist, unfortunately.

While implants at the moment cannot store a significant amount of data, you can kind of work around that.

I store encrypted backups in the cloud (at, but anything would work), and then keep a keepass database on my apex implant (as a text record encoded in base64) with the connection details and pass phrases needed to access it.


Thanks for the answer, but I can’t afford to trust the storage to a cloud service, the only solution is (carry in my own body)
I did not think that a small text file could take up a lot of space and would not fit in the chip?
It is a pity that such a chip does not exist

There is also confirmed evidence that the Russians are taking people out of the occupied territories to filtration camps, where everyone is stripped naked (search) and then forcibly taken to remote regions of Russia. Over 1.5 million people for now terrible
So the flash drive with all the data will be lost

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Ok, first… EMPs don’t work like people believe

They don’t magically kill all electronics,
In a nutshell
It adds a little bit of power for a split second, that amount of power is more and more depending on how much wiring there is to act like an antenna

A flashlight has maybe 12 inches of circuit?
It isn’t going to see much

The electrical grid as a whole?… with tens of thousands of miles of powerlines? Yea major surges

Its also important to think about the frailty of the device… a ham radio, is going to have more delicate components inside it than say a dc motor…

Second… your “solution” to an emp that can supposedly disable all electronics… is to put in an electronic device… that just happens to be under your skin…

You see the irony right?

Take an step back and don’t fixate on the super niche solution

A usb flash drive would probably survive the EMP from a nuke, and the distance it wouldn’t… well you probably wouldn’t care

As for the stripe search, you act like people have never smuggled things… and even then… like I said before…‘dump it onto the cloud… it’s honestly the safest place for data… servers will be backed up and have more redundancy and proper maintenance than most users will ever put into it

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But an implant sewn under the skin has a good chance of being undetected.

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If you want an implant, get an implant don’t use data storage as an excuse
But If you want more than 8kb of storage on it
The implant you want, doesn’t exist yet unfortunately

If you want to actually protect your data, then put it on the cloud in an encrypted file (you’re literally on the internet right now) and get a flash drive

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Isn’t the skin a screen like (faraday cage) Electronics that will be under the skin will be protected from radiation?

The human body is NOT a faraday cage

Magnetic force doesn’t care about your flesh

I will try to write more simply, sorry for my illiterate speech. (English is not my native language)
Is there currently an implant that can be encrypted with a password?

So sure that the information recorded in the implant under the skin will not survive from EMP?

I didn’t say that,

You said you wanted an implant because you think an EMP will toast ALL electronics
I pointed out the implant is also electronic

I think an implant will survive an EMP just fine, pretty sure it’s been tested by Amal in his shop with some kind of emp generator… but it has nothing to do with flesh… it has to do with how small it is and the robustness of the components

I think the same of a flash drive

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Got it, thanks
And what do you think is the most reliable of all currently existing implants?
(For my purposes)

AFAIK, all implants will be about the same in terms of reliability. For larger data storage, DESFIRE is 8kb. Again, a USB drive is still probably your best bet for any kind of file storage.

Hey Bro!
USB drive can be lost I wrote about it above, so it’s out.
So I try to dig info about DESFIRE

There’s no reason to fight about it. Acujawa is just looking for advice.

As a matter of fact your body will block most electrical signals, just like the ocean does because salt water is a heavy dielectric. Unfortunately it is not a faraday cage because magnetic fields are completely unaffected.

It’s unfortunate that the bodybytes is not complete yet, and the pegleg is so hard to come by. Those are true data storage implants for just this purpose. Part of the reason NFC implants have so little data storage is because the data rate of magnetic field communication is so low (100-400kbps).

I was briefly upset that I couldn’t test this out for you because I no longer have a DESFire implant, but then I reached into my little box of removals and found my flexDF.

I tested it out and it can accommodate a maximum NDEF space of 7710 bytes which allows 7677 bytes of plain text. Not too bad if you just want to densely save personal information, especially if you had several of them.


Thanks man, I didn’t even think that someone was fighting here, it’s just that my English doesn’t allow me to reveal it :smiley:
Thanks for the useful information, I think 7710 bytes is even a lot.
I need to put in about 25 words and few long passwords (approximately 25 characters each)

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The only pity is that you can not set a password to read information.
And yes, i already realized that such an implant does not yet exist :smiley: