Subcutaneous Data Storage

With the DESFire based implants you could make a custom application inside that is modeled off of the NXP NDEF container, but has password protection for reading the data. It would just be a lot of work.

Luckily the password is less necessary in the implant use case because people would have to know you have it, where it is, and then figure out the correct positioning to read it.

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Aha so finally password protection is possible!
I still have no idea how I can build all this, but so far it has become clear to me exactly in which direction to move
Thank you!

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As others mentioned, so store anything larger than a few KB, use any implant capable of storing NDEF data and upload an encrypted archive to one or multiple could providers. Store the link to the file(s) on the implant together with the password.
For additional security, you could just store part of the password on the implant and the other part in your brain.

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Are you even able to get shipments given the disruption of the region?


Not really, it’s quite problematic to do now. But if you order DHL delivery, it is possible but expensive. Nobody guarantees anything. As they say - at your own peril and risk

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I’ve had this thought before
But thanks!
There was also an idea to make a tattoo with a masked password that can only be read in a special way - by substituting a special word or something like that

Why not mail a flash drive to someone then?

Seems cheaper and more feasible than receiving and installing and making an implant work for forced used case

UV Ink?

Put a Bitlocker (or similar) password on that

Speaking of Passwords, another thing you can do is, for example, a 12 word pass phrase, store 11 of them on your data storage a memorise one. This one doesn’t have to be the first or last but as long as you know the word and where it belongs.

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Or alpha numerics, or a number equation that you know the formula to, or a cypher…you have many options, you just need to know which one(s) suits you better


I had an idea once to make a wireless USB implantable. It might could be done if you have the tech skills, I just forgot to pursue it.

Also, @Satur9, in that thread you had said someone named @Chimpo, (@Chimpofm maybe??) was working on the same idea. Any idea if progress has been made?

I know @Satur9 has been working on the bodybyte project on discord… I’ve followed loosely… discord isn’t my thing

Not sure if that’s the project your talking about or not

I’m not on discord, but how did I miss this?

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As much as I can glean from the discord, because it’s hard to read in chronological order

It’s a pcb that will have memory on board, and a pcb antenna trace for inductive power peg leg style

The actually components and testing has been well over my head

I get that. I’m the one that all my friend come to with tech problems. Yet sometimes on here I feel like a toothless hillbilly who can’t figure out why glue doesn’t stick to the inside of the bottle.


Yea… Its honestly gotten to the point I don’t even feel bad when I don’t understand half of what satur9 is talking about… because Satur9 is just a wizard now in my head… so of course I wouldn’t understand


satur9 prefers it/its

Thanks I forget sometimes , I fixed it


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I’m not going to police it. You don’t have to do it for me here. There’s no pronouns field in the forum user profile, so people aren’t expected to know. Some people have labored for their pronouns, mine is just a preference.

Feel free to message in that thread if you want to get involved or have questions. I’ve been trying to get people in on it, but I feel like this whole “community projects” thing I started missed the mark somehow. People don’t have staying power. Probably partly timing because of the high stress state of the world right now, lack of funds, and my just passable project management skills.

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Morning sexys. Yeh i made a working proof of concept model from a wireless charger module. And a simple wifi usb storage device. Now satur had developed it extensively. Last time i popped my head in he had developed a bespoke charging circuit in preperation for the vocore2…


I’d love to help, unfortunately I can’t keep up technically. That’s probably the whole issue with community projects.

If you need an overweight, middle aged, male, cheerleader, then I’m there for ya!


Okay so i recommend to get yourself a microSD card, wrap it in a layer of aluminium foil, and hide it in your shoes for example. No EMP is getting through that, since it’s a farraday cage. As for how to store the data, check out this video, it’s great: The Hated One | You Should Make A Digital Bugout Bag.
Also, if you want to keep a lot of data safe, encrypt it with a RSA254 or ed25519 private/public Key pair, and store the encrypted data on the cloud, at different services like google drive and dropbox. The private key is small enough to be stored on an implant. And unless you are concerned that your data may be decripted in a few million years with todays technology, your data will be safe. Also you can encrypt your private key with another passphrase.
And also keep in mind that the implant may not arrive in a timely manner, and that the installation takes some medical knowledge and training.
Also, an implant will be most likely destroyed by an EMP, since it literally is powered over an long Antenna.

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