Subdermal Implants


I would like to add a cross of 4cms in length as a subdermal implant, in the middle of my right hand, where the “X” is

The procedure will be done with no anesthesia or numbing

What about pain? How much should i expect when getting it done, and how bad is day 1 and subsequent days? Is the incision the most painful part, or the lifting of the skin?

What about the flow of the tattoo? Do you think a cross at the X is a good idea to raise the tattoo on the skin?

What about practical things? Like, when will i be able to drive a manual car with my hand in this state? How about doing normal chores?

Thank you!

I don’t know anything about these type of implants, but I have a few concerns:

  • I assume the two legs of the x would just be two individual implants, is it OK to stack them to make an x? The middle would be raised weirdly causing them to rub. Is that going to be OK long term? Would that contact point promote bacterial grow in your hand?

  • there have been a lot of issues with the glass implants migrating over time, is that an issue in this case and could that cause the bumps to miss your x?

  • 4cm is pretty long, I don’t see a good place to insert it without messing up a decent bit of the tattoo, I guess you could get a touch up done on the scar tissue in a few months, if there’s no risk of hitting the implants. Are you OK with these risks?


We’re chip and magnet implant folks. Are you looking to just raise that tattoo (with something like a silicone implant) or add functionality to your body?


While this is primarily a cyborg form, there is indeed a body mod thread:

I can answer for small RFID subdermals, large anesthetic silicone implants will probably be different.

The initial puncture is what hurts the most, then it just feels weird having someone manipulate something under your skin.

When it comes to the recovery process, it depends on the size of the implants and if sutures are needed. For a small X series transponder you can get back to your life within an hour or so as long as you’re careful and keep the wound clean while it heals. Larger implants require more care and potentially more time so I’d ask someone who has a large silicone implant in the dorsal side of their hand.

These things usually take a few weeks to fully heal so you have to be careful during that time.

Also, @Coma might have something to add to this post.


• The implant will be a cross, the two legs contacting at an 90 degree angle, so there wont be two separate pieces, but one of the same height in its entirety

• The implant is made of silicone, and as far as i know, they create enough space for the implant to rest where they put it, and it has no space after than in which to move after the incision is stitched. But I do have heard cases of it moving slightly

• It will indeed take all the length of the X, as the X itself is 4cms in length. I am trying to achieve a perfect scenario, whereas all of the X is raised, and part of the red circle is raised itself too to have a 3D effect. I am indeed worried it wont fit the flow of the tattoo very well


If I were you, I would ask those questions to my bodymod artist. He/She should be the one to answer based on his/hers experience with such implants. Regardless maybe @Coma would be able to give you some more info. She has silicone implant in her arm as well, but I cannot recall if it was the same location.


I was looking to just raise the tattoo, but now im interested of the possibilities of implanting something to add functionality too haha


lots of bodymod peeps really enjoy the Xsiid or Xled since it lights up.

Also an XG3 implantable magnet is a favorite of mine. can make your tatt’s magnetic :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot for your detailed answer!

Ill for sure check the body mod thread as well

All 3 of them seem very interesting!
Thank you for the links! :grin:

Cool! We’re happy to help either way–i just wanted to ensure we were able to provide accurate suggestions :wink:


Thank you very much for all of your help!

So @Coma if you are available, i would like to ask you some questions :blush:

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She pops in from time to time, but we haven’t seen her for a while (7th May)
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Aaaaaah I’m so sorry! Not intentionally ignoring, just not planning to add any chips or such to my bodmod-collection :wink:
And I know you’re here and providing people with good information and the right links, so I’m not having that much of a bad conscience :smile:

But I got some mail that I was mentioned here, soooo, I’m peeking into this here again… gonna write you a dm in a few minutes, @KonLigo - sorry it took a while, but I’m happy if I can help a bit.
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