Suggestions on where to find some cyborg/biohacking/transhumanism media?

Looking to up my biohacking knowledge. Anyone have recommendations of some decent youtube channels/podcasts/shows/documentaries about biohacking, implants, or just general tech knowledge of RFID and chip hardware/software?

Would hopefully like to get some podcast recommendations to keep me learning during work!

I don’t know of anything like that, but the guys over at deal more with experimentation on new coatings, methods, etc. If you were interested in learning more about what’s going on on the grinder side of transhumanism.


I’m really just looking for anything to help me get my feet wet in this new world I’ve discovered over the past couple days. I’d rather be answering questions than asking them! lol. I’ve done some searching and didn’t find much of anything regarding biohacking in terms of consumable media. Was hoping maybe someone would have a link to a super secret underground podcast or something, lol.

Thanks for the rec though, I’ll check em out for sure!

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Hey I just recorded a video talking about a video spreading misinformation I put a bunch of links in the description to could help out. It also has the dangerous things channel.


I’m just going to do a mind dump here, pardon me. I am not involved in any of these organizations, so I don’t necessarily endorse their activities

Check out the Future Grind podcast. It’s run by one of the members of Grindhouse Wetware. There’s even an interview with Amal on there. Also keep an eye on the Augmentation Limitless blog. Cassox is always over there doing something whacky with his or somebody else’s parts.

[DIY Bio]
Check out The Thought Emporium YouTube channel, and the SCIHOUSE blog. Chironex and Glims are some of the most influential DIY Bio people.

You may also want to read Doktor Sleepless


I assume you have watched the videos on Dangerous Things YouTube channel?
These 2 are REALLY good starters


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If this isn’t the truest statement ever.


Yes I’ve been watching through all the videos on the DT channel. Been picking up pieces of knowledge here and there from various other channels; I watched the Tek Syndicate video featuring the lovely @amal. I’m jealous of his eloquence!

He always does come across very well, intelligent and charismatic, in part, because he knows what he is talking about inside and out.

You would have also seen in the Tek Synd. video on the screen in recording studio background was Amals Ted x Video<-- there is the link if you want it


Thanks for the mind dump; much appreciated. I forgot to ask in my original post, but are there any other forums you guys like to peruse?

A video where I can learn from the master’s mouth? Sign me up!