Superglue or Butterfly Closure for Flex Install?

I’m getting my first flex implant installed next week and the installer said I should bring butterfly closures or superglue. I just wanted to see what the ups and downs were for them.

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If your going to use glue get skin glue. I’d recommend using butterfly if possible skin glue has been proven to slow down healing :slight_smile:

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It’s what I did


I used superglue on my titan and it made a delicious chunky scab!

I’m not sure if you’re presenting that as a pro or a con?

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When supergluing my Titan I had no issues. Scabbing seemed to last about 2-3 weeks and fell off naturally.

I can see it because I know where it is but honestly it isn’t too too noticeable.

A quality butterfly bandage is always preferred, and a tegaderm or film bandage over that to protect it from moisture etc.

Skin glue sucks for anything more than a papercut, especially if you are the one applying it… even doctors tend to get it all inside the wound and that’s where it hinders instead of helps.

The only reason to use skin glue for a major wound might be location… if a butterfly bandage is not suitable and glue is the best option, then sure… but otherwise my vote is for a bfb


Butterfly bandage or Steristrip?

Mine healed really well despite quite a bit of swelling at first. I had a butterfly and tegaderm exactly as Amal described.

Can you spot where it is?

I used liquid skin and steristrips for my titan, send to work really well


Steristrips are garbage for garbage people. Totally useless. Should burn in hell.

That said, there is a special type of medical resin that you can basically put on steristrips that turn them into a cast like material… will stick to anything but skin and act like fiberglass in a resin structure… super strong etc… it’s just that “but skin” part… so yeah need to hold together some dressings or some shit? steristrip with some medical spackle and you’re good… otherwise forget it… a steristrip will stick on your skin about 90 seconds before it starts coming off. the only way it makes sense is if it is actually being used to buttress some other dressing

I thought they were interchangeable?

Personally my go to is skin glue if I have a choice.

Note this is not advice.
But I would hold the wound shut and put glue on top of it. I would dab tissues on it until it stuck and hardened. So I would have a freshly cleaned wound glued from the surface shut.

Glue is antiseptic also

Mostly, but not always.

butterfly bandages holding together a rent so massive your bones would fall out

steristrips trying their best to help out surgical staples but still failing…


steristrips can’t even hold together a wound that’s already holding itself together

steristrips 2.5 seconds after being applied to someone’s hand

I wonder if they have changed the formulation from the one they used in the UK in 1999. I found them very effective then.

I don’t currently have any wounds I can test them on… I guess I could try attaching some to my arm and seeing how they go… :laughing:

unfortunately it’s all my piercer carries
but yes they’re shit

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Can confirm, tegaderm is amazing and magic stuff.

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Got it,

Yea I think they are confused and used incorrectly colloquially, thus my confusion

Interestingly, I think I’ve had SOME steri-strips from a hospital that were fucking magically (yes on skin)
Those suckers held on for like 2 weeks AS A KID no less

But your right they are often a dumpster fire