Surgical position change

My xMagic has migrated up close to the 2nd metacarpal. When I shake hands, especially with enthusiastic power grippers, the implant is squashed between their thumb and the bone which is uncomfortable.
I think it’s too late for the corralling using external splints etc so I’m looking for a strategy to move it in other ways. I’ve come up with two that I’d like your views on:

  • I inject enough saline to create a blister between the dermis and muscle then manoeuvre the implant into a new position. As the saline is absorbed (I wouldn’t expect more than 24 hours for that amount) I would block it externally until it was anchored. Where are my saline play body-modders at? Sound feasible?

  • I remove the implant using one of the three traditional methods and immediately replace. My thinking is that the implant is sterile, as are the injection site and equipment. Is there a reason I can’t do this without re-sterilising the implant?
    A potential obstacle is that I only have a sterile syringe that is very slightly smaller than the one used for an xMagic. Can I use the same technique used for flex implants i.e. create a tunnel with the needle, insert the xMagic by hand?

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Yet another reason we need a special cyborg handshake


@greydoc do you think this is something that would work? My personal thought is that it will take more than saline to enable a fully encapsulated implant to break free and migrate through fascia tissue to a new location.